Monday, February 16, 2009

Face who?

I read this article about Facebook addiction. And I don't quite get it. I have a Facebook page that I visit every couple of months. Maybe. If I remember.

I suspect that it's a generational thing, but I simply don't understand the fascination with all things electronic from cell phones to text messaging to i-Pods to Facebook and MySpace. Aren't there other things to do? Like talking face to face with real people?

The house hunk and I went out for a hamburger yesterday afternoon. Naturally, because of Valentines Day, the place was packed. We were sitting in one of those weird little half booth-half tables where you're generally so crowded that you can't help but hear the conversation from the tables next to you.

A nice young couple was seated next to us. Both were dressed in what I think of as "young professional" style. From a couple of things the woman said, I have an idea that it was a first date and by the time they left it was clear that there wasn't going to be a second date. He was talking on his cell when they were seated. And I counted twelve more calls while they dined.

Hello. If you're taking me out, don't even think about answering the telephone unless you're a cop on call. And somebody died. Everyone else can hold on for that thirty minutes we spend wolfing down some lightly singed meat.

Are we so entwined with the electronic gadgetry that we can't set it aside for a few minutes? Is is so important that it's worth losing our own life or taking the lives of others? How many families are splintered by one spouse--or even both spouses--spending all their time with online games or social pages?

Maybe its time to take a step back and re-evaluate our priorities. Time to find real people to interact with. Time to see some real faces.



  1. Couldn't agree with you more Anny.
    What I want to know, however, is did she get up and walk out on that rude man? OMG.
    So, where has romance gone?
    By way of the computer, I suppose. I guess I've been guilty of the same problem myself lately, but at least I've thought to myself, "Hello, I do have a phone to have an actual conversation on."

  2. Facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch with a lot of people at the same time. There are people you can't see face to face due to distance and busy schedules. And it's fun to use and catch up with who is doing what and families...etc. There are some who use Facebook and no MYSpace page and there are some who use both...

    Now for cell phones, put it on vibrate and use voice mail when at a meal with others.

  3. I soooooo agree with you! I took that FB quiz and hit 0. I thought I was mildly addicted, but no, I'm not even close!

    My son has a friend who spends more time texting her other friends when she's here, and she knows we don't allow texting at the table when she eats with us (about twice a week or more).

    And we put a stop to our daughter and her friend texting each other across the room from each other! Don't kids know how to TALK anymore?

    When I did carry a cell phone, I turned it off when I was with people I cared about...unless I was 'on call' (away from the baseball diamond during games). That's just rude. I agree with Taylor...she should have walked out!

  4. I use facebook to procrastinate. With two different identities on it, it's getting a bit much though. I rarely touch the Kirch page except to accept friends. At those times I update the status. Marstad I probably check three times a week, also prompted by friend requests. Oh and my husband likes facebook scrabble. He's anal about it so I'm pretty sure he's waiting for me to play a hand right now.

  5. I just got a facebook acct. and I haven't really gotten "into" it and I don't recall the last time I visited my myspace page. These things are time-eaters.

    As to the young man with the phone? RUDE. Some people just live on their cell phones and completely ignore those they are with. Ridiculous.

  6. Line from my son's band director at the start of a year. "Turn your cell pnone off during the concert. Your kids are HERE. Anything else can wait."

  7. Not very smart on his part was it?