Monday, February 2, 2009


Ah, bell-bottoms! Looooved my bell-bottoms. Probably looked ridiculous, but then, everybody else did, too. I actually had a pair of white US Navy uniform pants. The real deal with a wide flap in the front that buttoned up on both sides. Loved those pants!

And the granny dresses. They were high waisted, floor length cotton dresses that everyone was wearing. If you're too young to remember them, just look at any Regency romance cover. That's what they looked like, only they were cotton and sooooo comfortable. And if you happened to be pregnant (like I was ALL THE TIME back then) they were wonderful camoflage for the first few months. * It took the house hunk and me a while to figure out what was causing that!*

Anyway, I wore my granny dresses with Swedish clogs. Think Crocs in leather. I wore them everywhere--and had them in four or five colors.

This was back before jeans and sweat pants were worn anywhere except camping or in the gym. Ladies wore slacks. (And they usually had to be ironed so who wanted to wear them anyway?) Shorts were what they call walking shorts now. It was the daring girls who wore them.

And then along came the mini-skirt and a lot of moms and dads suddenly decided that slacks (yes, even jeans!) would be preferable to the revealing mini-skirt. Amazing how that worked.

That's about the same time the panty girdle disappeared. Moms loooved the panty girdle because it was so hard to get on and off (think contemporary chastity belt) in the back seat of a car. No decent girl when out without her panty girdle. Although... I noticed that girls still seemed to find a way to get pregnant--not nearly as many as now days, but yeah, some did. Baaaad girls. Probably left their panty girdles at home and wore garter belts instead.

We didn't have panty hose quite yet. Thank goodness!

Ah, well. Nice to remember, but I must admit that I really enjoy my comfy stretchy shorts and tee shirts. And purple Crocs.



  1. I look back at the stuff I wore and just shudder. I wore the granny dresses and round wire-framed glasses before I finally got contact lenses. We went from mini to maxi in length. I ironed my hair to straighten it and wore bell bottoms that were wide enough at the bottom to hide a small child. Ah, the good old days.

  2. Love the pic, Annie.

    R, you ironed your hair? OMG. Well, I guess we still do that now only with a flat iron and plenty of hair products. You were all so fashion foreward back then and you didn't even know it!

  3. I always wanted clogs as a kid but we could not afford them. Now I can buy 'em and I think they're ugly

  4. My sister-in-law, who was the epitome of fashion to me when I was a kid, ironed her hair--but I was always trying to curl my own stick-straight locks.

  5. My youth wore parachute pants, off the should paint splashed shirts, leg warmers, hoop earings. Flourescent anything, ankle boots, or hightops, mall hair and lots of pink mixed with aqua or mint.

    I never want to see those days come back.

  6. I was a Prep...Oxford shirts, designer jeans, and Nikes. And that was when we thought $50 was too expensive for shoes, $45 too much for a pair of jeans (no joke...that's how much my sis paid for her Calvin Kleins!) and mom said they'd better last at least a year or more!

    I really didn't get into the parachute pants, though I DID wear leg warmers. And when I was 14, I lived in my clogs...and rollar skates!

  7. Panty girdles, ponchos and those really, really wide legged pants. I also had a pair of orange hot pants. OMG It's crazy to think about.