Monday, June 7, 2010


My daughter purchased a minimal Wii set-up. I had heard of the Wii, but really didn't have a very clear idea of exactly what it was. Anyway, this set-up has a bowling game included. A couple evenings a week, we have bowling tournaments, women against the men.

Back when the hunk and I were dating, bowling was one of the few acceptable activities for dating. The others were movies, rollerskating, going out to eat--especially at the Buffalo (ice cream parlor)--and occasionally a visit to the zoo. All very innocent pasttimes. At that time, bowling was also cheap. Even the ice cream parlor was more expensive.

Anyway, the first time we bowled, they were a little surprised at our skill. The hunk and I are both out of shape so they expected us to rack up low scores. Hah.

Now I admit it's tougher for me to do the real deal in a bowling alley because of the weight of the ball, but the Wii is ideal for us old folks. There's nothing except the remote to hold on to. Yet you can still work up a sweat and warm up the muscles.

So we bowled. *Snicker*

After winning the first three games they decided the old guys weren't so bad. Funny how that worked.


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  1. My grandma (age 88) loves to Wii bowl:) It's one of the many activities offered at her assisted living place.

    And yay for you! I last bowled in 2007 with the youngling. Thank god for bumper bowling!

  2. I used to be prety good at bowling. It's all in the shoulders...and wii? I don't get it at all.

  3. I used to have my very own ball with my name engraved in it. lol --I think I'm going to go write a flashback diary entry about an afternoon of bowling with a bunch of women I used to work with. Budweisers, bowling shoes and bickering. It was a hoot!