Friday, June 4, 2010

I thee wed???

We're officially in the month of June, the traditional month for weddings. Romance and love seem to bring out the most...interesting desires in the new bride and groom. While scrolling through the offerings from Wedinator, I selected a few that were G rated. But if you want to be amazed and amazed and HERE.

Or you can just enjoy and dream up your own stories to account for my selections. I do challenge you to make it to the last one without smiling.



  1. Okay, I kind of like the tricycle one. And the tank limo is just funny. But who wants to stand around afterward in a soaking wet wedding dress? Ick.

  2. I'm with you about the wet wedding dress...ugh.

    Next weekend, the 12th, there's going to be an actual Clown Wedding at our Red Skelton Festival.

  3. That tatt would have taken some time..and it's their respective wedding days - good for them to do what they want. Why be boring?

  4. I find myself enchanted by the couple on the tricycle. Something about their body language and style just makes me smile.