Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gray bearded lady

This last weekend was the haircut/hair coloring/chin waxing weekend. I'm now a flaming redhead with no beard. But before my daughter got around to ripping the beard off with hot wax, I took note of the fact that it's mostly gray now. Some is even white. It made me wonder why the hair coloring people don't come up with a flesh colored hair dye for women's beards.

After all, the guys have special products for their beards and mustaches. Of course, I read recently that those products have heavy concentrations of lead...so the hair coloring companies would have to fix that first. I'm not so vain I want to slap lead all over my chin.

But it would be nice not to worry about waxing. My daughter usually takes care of it for me, but one weekend she was away so I thought I would just take care of it myself. There was just one little problem. I don't do well with mirrors.

I can never tell my right from my left in a mirror. Or near from far. So there I was with my applicator stick and hot dripping wax trying to spread it on my... nightgown? ...my ear? ...my nose?

Eventually, the hunk decided to lend a hand. I should just point out his philosophy is the more the better. I did finally end up with a mostly clean chin. But there were patches here and there with springy clots of hair. I gave up and shaved those.

I forget where I was going, but I was more or less presentable when I got there. Maybe. That's the other thing about mirrors. I don't seem to have a pair of specs that allow me to see close up. So for all I know it might have been an illusion.

At least the people I met didn't stare at my chin...


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  1. Sorry but I'm laughing as I picture trying to do that yourself.

  2. Oh, the joys of aging! Beardage. Just what every girl wants! I have developed the habit of running my hand over my chin to feel for those real wiry, stiff, man-like hairs that spring up in the midst of the fuzzy stuff.