Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UFOs and Things that go bump in the night...

Have you noticed there haven't been any UFO sightings lately? I wonder what's up with that? A few years ago, they were everywhere. Does that mean they're better at hiding? Or did they just go back to Planet X?

I would be the last person in the world to make fun of people who claim to see UFOs as I had my own sighting. Two of them, in fact.

One was many years ago--maybe thirty-five--when I was driving home from work in the wee hours of the morning. Something up in the sky followed me down a lonely road. Something big with a lot of lights. Now I'm a fairly pragmatic person, but this thing spooked me. I couldn't wait to park in my driveway and run in the house.

I woke my husband--and believe me when I say he was not happy--and we watched it move around overhead for about twenty minutes before it zipped away. What was it? I have no idea. Something very big. That happened in Texas.

About ten years later in upstate New York I was driving my sons and a friend home from our warehouse jobs late in the evening. My sons were in their very late teens. We pulled in the driveway, hopped out of the car and watched an enormous something overhead in the sky.

Was it a space ship? I have no idea. It was elliptical in shape, had many, many lights, and parked overhead. I can tell you what it was not.

It was not a bunch of jokers on ultralight planes flying in formation. And that's what the authorities tried to sell in the papers the next morning. It so happens I've researched ultralight planes and even flown in a two seater. Trust me, they are not capable of flying in place for twenty minutes.

So what were the lights in the sky? I don't know. That's why they're called unidentified flying objects. What's the story? I don't know. Are they from the future? Are they from the other side of the galaxy? Or are they an elaborate hoax mounted by our military?

I don't know. What I know is what I experienced and observed. What about you? Anyone else out there had a spooky experience?



  1. Son K spotted something through his telescope last weekend. It faded and came back. Jury's still out on what it was.

    He was hoping to see the space station.

  2. About 24 years ago my boyfriend and I were driving on an old dirt road late at night when something round and all lit up in the distance went straight up into the sky and disappeared.

    A few years ago my son and I were on our deck and a huge green ball of light flew over our house, it was still light out when it happened. We watched it for almost 10 mins and then we ran to the other side of the house trying to get the DH and other kids to see it and in a flash it was gone!

    What either one was I'm not sure, but they weren't planes.

  3. Way back when, I used to have to drive up I-15 in California through the Miramar (Top Gun) air base. Saw some WEIRD shit in the sky...

  4. I was recently thinking about UFOs. Wow! I might pick up your post!

  5. I like to joke that they are future 5th graders on a history field trip in time. Maybe the down economy has people too busy looking at their problems to look up. I dunno. But I've had two experiences. My father, who was a Navy pilot and THE most down to earth guy I know had several in-flight sightings. He also saw two after he left flying. He doesn't talk about them much. Mostly because I think he almost doesn't believe he saw them...except he knows he did. No explanation.

    I know several others that have experiences that sound a lot like yours, Anny.

  6. I've always believed we cannot possibly be alone in the universe