Friday, July 23, 2010

Casual Friday

I understand the basic rules for Casual Friday. I just don't understand the reasoning. At most companies with a casual Friday policy, it's still business as usual. So what's the difference if a woman wears sneakers instead of high heels? And if there's no difference, then why not allow the sneakers the rest of the time? Wouldn't she be more efficient if her feet weren't hurting her?

My daughter's employer goes one better with the occasional barbecue Friday or other incentive. So I can certainly understand casual clothing if you're going to be eating barbecue in the parking lot. But for most companies that institute a casual Friday, it's no more than permission to wear jeans and sneakers. Now, here's my question...

Why not permit jeans and sneakers all the time? Ninety percent of the individuals in her company never meet anyone outside the company. There's no public interaction. All work is done via computers and telephone. So why the office attire?

See, I wonder if there's some study that proves that more work is accomplished if the workers are dressed up. OR would they discover that people work better when they're comfortable?

I watched a newsclip about the employees of Facebook. They work in whatever. The CEO's philosophy is the more comfortable the workers, the more creative and productive they will be.

I work at home. I wear whatever comes to hand first thing in the morning. I can guarantee it will be something comfortable and casual. And what I wear doesn't have any influence on how much I write or whether the writing is good or bad. For me a casual Friday would probably be working naked. Hmmmm. Wonder if that would work better?



  1. Sometimes I discover I'm more productive if I'm wearing something I feel good in, rather than slopped out in a t-shirt and sweatpants. It's the FlyLady thing; Dress to your shoes and you 'trick' your brain into thinking you're doing something, rather than playing.

    And then other days I'm perfectly productive in my jammies, so what the hell do I know? Maybe it's just a mind-set.

  2. yeah--never much got that either, except in direct customer contact positions (and I mean face to face--not on the phone.)

  3. I agree if you have no interaction with the public why not dress in whatever you want, as long as it's tasteful.
    I work must better in jeans and t-shirt, because I'm comfortable. Now at home that's a totally different story.
    With all the family members in my house I couldn't write naked if I wanted! :)

  4. It's the pyschological-feel good factor. I believe you need to work outside the home to understand it

  5. Been there. Worked both outside of the home and at home...Hated dressing up for work but it was a requirement. I have to say I would have accomplished more if I was wearing my jammies...

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