Sunday, July 25, 2010


All sorts of heroes populate our world. Some are easy to spot. Others are only appreciated in hindsight. One such hero--David Warren-- died recently. Too often we fail to wonder about the heroes who make significant differences in our lives. Or we take things for granted. Take time to check out the link and learn about one man who made a huge difference to every single person who's ever boarded an airplane, wherever we live.

As I sat here, coughing and wheezing, I realized my life would be so much worse without the little inhaler I have sitting on my desk. It took a while but I tracked down info on one Charles Thiel, co-inventor of the MDI (metered dose inhaler) for asthma. Click on his name, scroll down the page, and check him out! Millions of asthmatics use his invention every day.

Do you know a hero? Tell us about them or provide a link in the comments! Let's celebrate the heroes who make our lives safer!



  1. Lots - too many to mention. I think Marie Curie is one of my favorite heroes.

  2. I just started using an inhaler (randomly) this year because of allergies & asthma (which just started a few years ago). Yes, indeed: thank you, CT!