Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't be a Funky Chicken!

It's Friday, the beginning of a long weekend. Many people will be traveling to celebrate the American Independence Day. In Canada, they're celebrating Canada Day. That's a lot of people celebrating and traveling.

Every year, people die or are injured during the celebrations, mostly because of someone's stupidity. Too much alcohol. Traveling on too little sleep. Unsupervised fireworks. Too much sun. People running around like a bunch of funky chickens.

So here's what my wish is for this Independence Day--fewer injuries and deaths. Maybe if people stop long enough to ask if their actions are going to make them look like that funky chicken up there...maybe more people will survive, maybe more people will have a safe weekend.

Don't be a funky chicken.



  1. Here. Here. or is it Hear, hear?
    Anyway, well said, Anny.

  2. Well said. I became a Memorial Day statistic one year because of too little sleep.