Monday, January 10, 2011


Where's the sun? It's supposed to be mostly sunny today, but that's not happening. And tomorrow? SNOW.

It's funny how a bit of sun can make all the difference in how we feel. And conversely, all the clouds can really lead to depression. Now I'm not complaining about the itty bit of snow we received this year. Nooooo. After the 70+ inches dumped on us last year, I can easily deal with the two or three inches we have so far.

Somehow, a cloudy Monday is worse, though. It just starts the week out on a blah note. Who wants to leap out of bed and get started on a cloudy note?

The hunk is really ambitious this morning, though. He's in our bedroom, measuring and contemplating ways to rearrange the room so his desk has better access to electricity. I am NOT that ambitious. For me, a wild and crazy day might consist of emptying the trash or loading the dishwasher. My really crazy days might consist of doing laundry or vacuuming.

However! My days of hopping out of bed and deciding to rearrange the furniture are over. When I was considerably younger, I used to do that about every six months...almost always on a Monday.

Now my Mondays start out with a quick read through my current work in progress. And then I plunge into the work of the day--the next chapter. I'm up to 13K on this book so far. If all goes as I plan, it should be somewhere about 60K+.

That's my Monday. What about you? Anything special you do on Monday? Or is it all down hill and pukeable for you?


PS: My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Australia. Those folks are really hurting with all the flooding.

PPS: Tuesday night is my monthly chat at LRC. Check out the box in the upper right corner for details! Please join us. And if you're an author, prepare to post a couple excerpts for us!

PPSS: Check out the wonderful review for Dancer's Delight that I received from Miz Love and Crew!


  1. More power to the house hunk. My days of rearranging every 6 months are over too. I haven't rearranged the furniture in the house in the five years we've been here. :)

    Happy Monday.

  2. Mondays are always pukeable. They should be outlawed

  3. Hey Anny - I never move furniture. Once it's in place, it stays in place - unless I'm sweeping.

  4. Mondays, Bleh! Good luck on the WIP, though! Can't wait to see how that one comes out!