Friday, January 7, 2011

Writer's Garb

I believe the makers of Snuggies are aiming their advertisements at the wrong demographic group. Snuggies are perfect for the winter author. Think about it. We sit for long periods of time, often in a cool corner of the house (because that's where we can spare room for our office). Since we're not moving around, we tend to get chilly. A snuggie is exactly the thing we need--a blanket with sleeves so we can type!

Instead of commercials portraying people lolling around on the couch, they could show men and women industriously typing away. The snuggie could even have pockets for tissues and pens and other writer paraphernalia. Just think...a snuggie could become the writer's winter uniform.

And colors! We could choose colors according to our current genre. Is your hero a military man? Choose that sexy camo snuggie. You say you're working on shifters? Why that cheetah print is the very thing you need. Firemen? There's absolutely nothing better than a bright red emergency snuggie. And if you're feeling especially girly, well Barbie pink is the very thing for you!

If you're a person who insists on being color-coordinated, there's one for every outfit. Holidays are no problem, either. Spring colors for Easter, red and green for Christmas, blue for Hanukkah and New Years, and orange or black for Halloween. For Valentine's Day, you could even add a bit of lace to the red one.

Hmmm. Where's my snuggie?



  1. LOL! Love it! What a great idea! I need Snuggies for my feet.

  2. I think the bottom of the snuggie should have a pouch or pocket to tuck your feet in when you're sitting at the computer. I'd buy that.

  3. That picture is too funny. And you may an excellent rep for snuggies.