Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kama Sutra Lovers

One of the most frequently asked question I receive is how do I make the love scenes different and fresh with each book. I could lie and tell you I thumb through the Kama Sutra in search of new and unusual positions. I actually did that a couple years ago for a book I wrote--Kama Sutra Lovers. The book centered around the heroine/heroes choosing random cards from a Kama Sutra deck. It was interesting, but not my general style.

I tend to believe each set of characters will tell you what they want. And how they want it. And when they want it. And just as in life, some couples are...hornier than other couples. Some like to cuddle. Some like to try it on the staircase. That's life.

I suspect those writers who strive to continually come up with something new have more difficulty than those who simply let their characters show them what they want.

I've written scenes in showers, barns, under a plane in a rain storm, in a glass-walled greenhouse, in the woods, and yes...even in a bed (how unusual is that!) Place and time all play an important part of course. But the most compelling piece is the characters themselves.

When a writer tells me they are having a hard time writing a sexy scene, I always point out the characters may not want to do what the writer has in mind. We all have very different things that turn us on--or off. Just because the writer seeks to do something different or unusual doesn't mean their characters want to do that. Maybe, just maybe they want to cuddle before they indulge in the loving comfort of the missionary position!

Calisthenics are not required for an exciting, decadent love scene. Love and mutual desire are. After that, place and setting may add that little extra touch to the scene.

But I wonder if our efforts for the odd and unusual lead us astray. If it makes our characters uncomfortable they will flat out refuse to carry on. Then it's time for us to stop and reconsider. Making it on a blanket on the beach or in the restroom in the museum may not be nearly as exciting as the author believes. Perhaps a change of venue, something more private and intimate, is really what they want.

And if the stairs are their thing...well just make sure their insurance is up to date.


For information about Kama Sutra Lovers, click on the book cover!


  1. On the stairs - ouch! :)
    Great post Anny.

  2. LOL!! Great post!!!! I really love writing sex scenes!! I remember back to the beginning when it felt so awkward...but then I guess I really got into it!! I think it helped that I read some erotic romance and a lot of general romance too. I found a way to write them that was most comfortable to me.

    And yeah..the scenes need to be believable for the characters...not just weird and different because the author feels like writing something kinky!!

  3. I don't need anything too weird. For me it's less the setting than the context - the reason they want to be together in that time and place, the shared emotion, the physical sensations. Besides, making love on the beach gets sand in bad places. :)

  4. a restroom at a museum...sounds familiar. Sex? Boring as all get out to write. Much easier to do it and when it all comes down to it as long as bodies collide and you have fun then that all you or the characters need.

  5. Damn! Here I thought I was being original. I completely forgot you've done that before me. Shoot!

    Guess I'll have to think of something else!

  6. I recently discovered I enjoy writing sex scenes. A lot. I agree with you, I think our characters can tell us what they want.

  7. Love that pic, Anny! Too funny! I tend to be like you and let them go where the spirit moves them.

  8. yeah, I think you're totally write about each set of characters driving the story, including when and where (and how) they have sex!

  9. I agree that it's about the characters, absolutely. They will have new and different inner monologues going on; they'll love different things about each other.

    I've written about very adventurous couples and more "traditional" couples. Either way, I'm writing that scene because the character has something new and interesting to say about it, and it's never "and then he flogged me with a dead possum to the dulcet tones of Celine Dion." My characters tend to be smart (gives me fun opportunities for word-play) and so they tend to relate the sex to a wider theme in a story, not to the position they're in.

  10. I agree, the characters have to make that decision:)
    Funny pic;)