Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One of the things I find fascinating about living in an apartment is the assumption that most inhabitants eat a lot of take-out food. We must find twenty flyers tucked in our door knob or door knocker per week.

What exactly can we order?

Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Southern Kitchen. Chinese. Pizza. Chinese. Pizza. And more pizza.

I'm waiting for someone to open a carryout restaurant with something other than pizza or fried food. Oh, I know most restaurants have a carryout capability, but most of them are not really set up for it. They dump the food in a carton designed for taking home your leftovers. By the time you get the food home and open it, the bread's soggy, the meat is cold...

No. I'm thinking more along the lines of a place that focuses on producing meals specifically for take-out. I recently ordered a hamburger at a restaurant for carryout. By the time I got home, it was cold. Very soggy. And the components had slid apart in the container so I had to peel it apart to put it back together. Ugh.

We don't order out very often. I mean, really? Pizza or Chinese? That's it. I discount the southern cooking place as everything is fried and my cholesterol really can't deal with that. There used to be a restaurant where I could order a salad, but they went out of business.

Perhaps it's just as well. Food cooked at home from scratch is healthier and you tend to not eat as much. But once in a while...

You just want to order out!



  1. I noticed, during the cyclcone, the bins were overflowing with empty beer cartons which led me to believe people drank and just ignored the whole thing.

  2. We do the pizza thing about once a week.