Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Some of us are movers. Some of us are not. I'm a mover. I've moved more than forty times in my life. Six states. Nine schools in nine years. While in the process of moving, I will curse and swear that I will never move again.

Six months later, I'm ready to pack up and move on.

For a number of reasons (money, leases, time), that isn't practical. So I fall back on the old substitute. We rearrange the furniture. Maybe, we even rearrange the entire apartment. We've lived here eight years so you know it's way past rearranging time.

We are currently in the process of not only rearranging, but weeding out furniture, possessions, etc. It's not an overnight process, just as actual moving is not an overnight process. We have one rule. Nothing may be moved until it has a permanent home elsewhere. In other words, don't move all the stuff into the living room and hope we'll find someplace to put it later.

The spousal unit has a hard time with this rule. His idea of rearranging is to move everything out of his room and let me deal with it. Uh, no. I did that once. Never again. AND for one reason or another, he has one room and the rest of the apartment is my responsibility. I'm not quite sure how that happened.

He also believes that discarded furniture will magically move from the living room across the parking lot to the trash bin. No. It doesn't. Since we are getting up there in years and have no children at hand to move stuff like that, my idea is to ask one of the husky neighbor fellows to help us out--for a fee.

Heck. They might even want the furniture for their apartment since it's in good condition. We just don't need it. Or it's taking up room we would rather use in other ways.

But. When we're finally finished, it will make us feel like we live someplace new. And that will do until the next time we feel the urge to move.



  1. Sounds like fun, Anny. Even if you don't really move, just changing the space up makes everything seem new again.

  2. Sounds intriguing. I would definitely ask the hunky neighbors.

    Good luck!


  3. Good luck! And most definitely ask the hunky neighbor guys!

    Also, disillusion the house hunk. He's retired. You're not. You get one room. HE gets the rest.

  4. I'm not a mover- I don't even move the furniture around LOL.

  5. I'm with you, Anny. I've moved 27 times so far, once 4 times in one year (with 3 cats. That was a challenge).

    We've been in this house longer than I've ever lived anywhere: 19 years. It's time to move. So we're weeding out, tossing out, recycling, stuffing bags for Goodwill, and looking for a new house.

    Even if we don't find a new house soon, we'll be ready when it's time for the Big Pack.

  6. Julia, it does make a different atmosphere. For a while!

    Misha, thanks for dropping by. I plan to try out the hunky neighbor!

    Cindy, love. The house hunk doesn't know he's retired...

    Heh, Summer. It's okay. Not all of us are movers!

    JL. My last move was after 19 years. And yeah, we got rid of an incredible amount of stuff.

  7. Another mover signing on for duty.

    We've lived in seven or eight places over the past five or six years due to my husband's job. On the plus side, travelling the country like that was great for inspiration and I've been able to write a variety of settings. However -- now that our daughter is about to start school, it's time to settle down. I find myself longing for a garden where I can plant things in the ground instead of pots, walls I'm allowed to paint...it's quite the conflict! Like you, I move furniture about instead.

  8. I only want to move one more time: Into a larger house where I no longer have my books or prized possessions in boxes. So in that regard, I'm not a mover. However, I do find myself rearranging boxes frequently...I brought eleven boxes of books home from the bookstore, and the kids piled them in front of the washing machine. So I had to go find another part of the basement for them to go until our next move. Sigh...

  9. We used to move, roughly, every two years. So, when we moved into this house, my husband balked at buying a fence for the dogs. He figured we wouldn't be here that long. Thirteen years later, guess who walks the dogs every night? In wind and rain and snow.

  10. Lucy, I miss my garden here in an apartment, but the hunk and I just don't have the get up and go to take care of a yard. So I'll plant a sunflower on the balcony.

    Kenzie, that's one thing that always gets unpacked...the books. All 6K.

    Elizabeth, we moved into a house and the hubs said, "No nails in the wall for pictures." We were there 19 years. When we moved in here, I put all the pictures up and anything else I wanted to see. Been here 8 years.

    Moral? Live each place like you're gonna be there until you die.

  11. Oh my gosh that is a lot of moving...