Thursday, January 19, 2012

Know Your Target!

I received an e-mail from one of my publishers this morning informing me the first book in my series would be "selling" in early February for free. This is a marketing tactic that's proved successful in the past, apparently, especially for older series. There is a constant turnover in the reader arena and many just might not be aware of a particular series so offering the first book as a freebie encourages the reader to try something new-to-them.

It will be interesting to see if it works. With so many books available, it's harder and harder to stand out, let alone sell. It's not enough to declare in ringing tones that your books receive FIVE stars from reviewers. There's a perception that ALL books receive five stars...probably because nobody brags about receiving two stars. After a while the five star declaration loses some of it's power and punch.

This particular series is about blue people in a closed valley. At one time, that idea was highly unusual and mysterious. Then AVATAR burst on the movie screen and now when I talk about my Mystic Valley series, I receive sly knowing looks and comments like, "'s like Avatar."

Well, no. It's the other way around. Avatar is like the Mystic Valley books. A friend called me up when Avatar came out. "Did you know they stole your blue people?" she yelled. "They look exactly how you described them in your books!"

No idea is unique. No character description. No plot. And while I admit the blue people in Avatar bear a striking likeness to my blue people, that's where the resemblance ends. I believe my own stories have value and merit and a certain uniqueness of character.

When the free Mystic Valley book is offered, check it out. Blue people are cool. Mine are definitely cool. And they don't die...



  1. Yes, blue people are cool. I 've read the series. Giving away your first book for nix? Not something I would agree with but good luck

  2. It's only for a short time though, right? Samhain have been doing this for a while and the authors concerned have reported increased sales. I've actually been wishing they'd pick me :)

  3. This might work. Once someone reads the first Mystic Valley book they'll be hooked. And yeah, I sat through Avatar thinking..."I like Anny's blue people better." I also started thinking someone involved must have read your stuff.

  4. It's for two weeks, so we'll see if this works. Was very surprised they picked that series.

    And Jae, I have to admit the first time I watched an Avatar clip my mouth just dropped open. Very, very close to my description of my blue people. Pretty freaky...