Friday, October 19, 2012

Knitting Socks: Turning the Heel

"the boring stuff (read it, anyway!)"
"the pattern (you better have read the boring stuff!"~~Easy Peasy Socks by Stacey Trock

When I last reported on my sock knitting, I did mention I haven't knitted for a while--about thirty years or so. After a couple false starts, I was off and knitting my sock. The cuff was pretty easy. And the heel flap was also not too bad.

Then I reached the heel turn--that curved part that cups your heel--and things ground to a halt. Because of course, I didn't really READ the boring part. I skimmed it. And it seemed easy enough so I dove in.

Four rows later, I was three stitches short. I ripped out the work back to the start of that section and began again, knitting and checking, knitting and checking. And...again, I was three stitches short.

At this point, I decided to read the boring part.

The hunk could tell you I'm mule stubborn, but even I have my limit. It seems there was more to ssk (slip, slip, knit) than was evident at first glance. I found a Youtube clip that showed me exactly what I needed to know. Then it was back to the sock. After I ripped out my work back to that section, I began again--and wonder of wonders--it worked.

Sometimes our writing is like that. We reach a point where the story doesn't work so we delete back to that turning point and begin again. Still doesn't work. Hmmm.

Maybe what we need in another viewpoint--another eye on our work. That's where critique partners or beta readers or heck, even a husband or friend, can help. That other viewpoint can often see and identify where we ran off the road.

Then we can get back on track. It's a matter of asking. And being willing to admit we didn't do the boring stuff.

Well, the heel is turned. Now, I'm off to work on something called a gusset. Who knew socks were so complicated?



  1. Yeah, I think I'd need to visualize it too - which is where another set of eyes reading our work comes in handy.

  2. Instructions..who needs them? If it was me and three stitches, I would have cheated and picked up stitches...

  3. Yup, there are times when I need another set of eyes. As far as directions my husband complains I never read or follow them. :)