Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Soapbox Part 2

Ah, service... I wonder what happened to service?

Last week I went to my bank to order an electronic funds transfer to my daughter's bank. Thursday was the day. Since it was after three p.m. the clerk informed me that the transfer would be taken care of first thing Friday morning. All right.

Friday late afternoon my daughter called to tell me the money never arrived. I called the bank and asked for the same clerk I worked with the day before. They informed me that she was not working that day and asked what the problem was. After explaining the problem, the woman on the phone informed me that the transfer had been done. According to her, it sometimes took as long as 48 hours.

On Sunday my daughter called again. No money. So I called my bank again (yes, they're open on Saturday and Sunday!) The original clerk would be back to work on Monday. In the meantime the new clerk on the phone checked her computer and informed me that she didn't see any sign of a transfer in the works. However, she would leave an urgent note for the original clerk.

On Monday I called the bank. My clerk was there, working on the transfer. She would call me back. Never heard from her. At noon I began calling every half hour. At two thirty I informed her that my daughter would have no heat that night if the money was not transferred in time for her to pay the bill.

Fifteen minutes later the transfer was complete.

So here's my thought. Move the rest of my money to some other bank! Preferably one that actually is interested in providing service.

Everyone has a bad day sometimes. But that wasn't an acceptable excuse this time.

Okay, I'll get down off my soapbox. Seems like I'm spending a lot of time up there lately.



  1. If you do decide to change banks, make sure and tell them WHY.

  2. How frustrating! I'm sorry you and your daughter had to deal with that.

  3. Had something recently which gave me hives. I paid a medical bill based on an estimated percentage they provided. They were also paid by the insurance. The balance, nice and sizable, was due back three months ago. I called every week long distance and the last two months it sat approved, on a supervisor's desk but not mailed. Finally they mailed it when I wouldn't hang up and told me it would be over night. However, they mailed it ground. It didn't reach me until yesterday, a week after mailing.
    I talked to the same man everytime. He was charming and friendly and OH SO understanding. But he did nothing for me. In fact, I caught him in lies twice. At that point I talked to his supervisor, who screwed up twice but admitted it.
    Having worked in the industry I KNEW they could have had approval for the payment and overnighting it, or wiring it if they deemed necessary, within a day of my ardent request. So because I wasn't local, they took advantage and I had to wait three months for the equivalent of my mortgage payment. ouch.