Thursday, October 30, 2008

Unhappy Feet

I suppose it's that time of year... you know... when you have to pull out the woolies. The heavy socks. The flannel shirts and pj's. And the cocoa.

Now, maybe it's just me, but isn't it a tad early for winter? What happened to Indian summer? Did I miss it somewhere along the way?

It's coolish as I sit here in my shorts and tee-shirt. Oh, the thermometer across the room says 74 degrees, but the wind zipping through the cracks around the patio door say, "COLD!" That's the down side to having my desk located near the patio door.

Day before yesterday, I treated the house hunk to a hamburger at our favorite joint. I had on sneaker clogs, jean capris, and a tee shirt with a light jacket. The first thing the clerk said to me as I walked in the door was, "Aren't you cold?"

The advantage to extra padding is that you don't get as cold. So, no, I wasn't cold. But when I go to bed at night, my feet are freezing. If I wear socks, they end up lost in the covers in the middle of the night. I'm thinking of inventing an electric blanket that only gets warm at the foot of the bed--kind of like an old fashioned foot warmer. I suppose I could heat up a brick... if I had a brick. Hey, H! Do you suppose that lady that's stealing bricks could send me one?

The weird thing is that my feet don't get cold during the day. I thought about getting a pair of those woolie crocs like Regina talked about on her blog. The trouble is that my feet would get too warm all day. And then I would end up kicking them off. And the doc says that I have to wear shoes all the time now. Apparently, diabetics are prone to infections in the feet.

Well, when I find a solution, I'll let y'all know--just in case somebody else out there has cold feet!



  1. I saw something on TV in winter and it was this electric foot thingy that boosted circulation and that he;ped you keep warm. I personally lather my feet in cream put socks on before goddess that I am....

  2. I'm with ya, Anny. It is getting cold much sooner this year and I predict a much colder winter. My feet always get cold too. I wear socks to bed year round. Too sexy:)

  3. It is getting cold here as well. I'm not ready. I hate the cold, lol.

  4. Okay. You said something about the fuzzy lined crocs when you came to my blog and I'm sending you the link for those so you can check them out. These wouldn't help IN BED but the weather will be getting colder there soon so they'd work in the daytime. If your feet get hot in the daytime, wear the basic unlined crocs. Easy on your feet and roomy.

    Personally, I can't wear socks. My dang toes are too long. Very skinny and they just bunch up. So uncomfortable. LOL

  5. I put a heater on my feet, drape a blanket over it and my feet since there's no fire risk, and enjoy. Ahhhh.

  6. I use one of those heating pads that shuts off after a half-hour. Turn it on before I get to bed, have toasty feet until I fall asleep, then wake up with it off.

    I'm going to need to woolly Crocs soon. I'm in Minnesota and it snowed two days ago. My desk faces the north with a nice big picture window above it. Of course, I also have a fireplace nearby, which helps. But "Furry Crocs" are on my shopping list for the weekend.

    I also recommend embroidery gloves to keep the hands warm. These are stretchy gloves (with no fingers) that you can get at Michaels or other craft store. They're made of elastic fabric and they massage the hands, and also warm them at the same time. Ten minutes in my stretchy gloves, and my fingers are nice and toasty.

  7. What an excellent idea, JL! I'll look for them. And the furry crocs, too. And the socks... Sigh. Not ready this year!

  8. Actually you might prefer the UN-furry crocs for wearing around the house. Meet the requirement for shoes but allow your feet lots of breathing space.