Wednesday, May 30, 2012

By the Map

I've been invaded by maintenance workers, painters, and assorted other workers. Writing under the circumstances is impossible so I settled for map-making so I can update my website.

Some readers don't pay attention to maps when they're reading. Others (the real map people) love having a map to refer to when reading. I belong to that latter category. I collect maps. I have reference books about maps and cartography. I love maps.

Given my love of maps, it's natural for me to draw maps when I'm writing. Even a rough map helps me orient myself and make sure my characters aren't going north when they should be going south. A map also provides a physical documentation for the future if I decide to write more than one story in the same world.

Since I'm a creative type, it's a given that I have to color or paint or otherwise fancy up the maps. Who can resist coloring something when they have a fistful of crayons or markers or colored pencils?

All the new maps are up on the website so check them out by going to the series page or just click on the map!


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