Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rest of the Story...

Do you remember the Paul Harvey commentaries? The ones that ended "and that's the rest of the story"? Sometimes when I reach the end of a book, I want to cry out, "But where's the rest of the story?"

Just writing The End at the bottom of the page does not finish the story. As the reader I need satisfaction. And too often when I finish a book, there's more a sense of puzzlement than satisfaction. More and more I turn the page with the old Peggy Lee refrain, "Is that all?"

Yes, yes, I know there are stories that are so good you never want them to end. I love a story that grabs you by the throat and just doesn't let you go. But I'm not talking about those books.

I'm talking about the spate of stories I've read in the last few months that wander about in the barren plot lands before abruptly dropping down a well. And that's the end of the story--which is not the same as the rest of the story.

When I finish a book, even if it doesn't have an epilogue detailing the wedding, two point three children, and a large hairy dog who's chasing the wily cat named Demon, I want to feel the ending. Yes! Yes! Yes! The climax is the point!


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  1. *sigh* I know what you mean. I'm aching for some good stand alones because I'm TIRED of these series that never end. Of course, there are a few I wouldn't mind continuing that do end. I suppose that's the sign of good writing--a strong and finite conclusion, but one that leaves the reader wishing they could remain in that particular world of make believe a little longer.