Monday, May 28, 2012


Monday. Have you ever noticed there's just not a lot to say about Monday? It's the beginning of the week. A lot of people have just spent two days running around like crazy trying to get stuff done and they're tired and then...there's Monday.

In the USA, most of our "holidays" are on Monday by design so we have a three day weekend. I've always wondered why the powers that be picked Monday instead of Friday. Could it be that people are willing to work on Friday because it's payday? Hmmmm.

Today is Memorial Day in the USA so there are a bunch of people barbecuing and traveling home and other really not-fun stuff. For most of the country it's really hot and humid.

For me, this weekend has long been a day of private remembrance. Many, many years ago my mother died in car accident on the 29th of May. Am I still mourning? No. But each year I take a while to remember and appreciate those things she taught me in the few short years we were together. I pick through the memories I have (and every year it seems they are fading more).

Because of my self-imposed agenda for the weekend, I never travel and rarely even get in the car for the entire three days. I don't participate in the barbecuing/swimming/traveling orgy that fills the weekend, though I certainly don't begrudge others who do. It's good to get together with friends and family as often as we can.

Tomorrow for almost all of us, the week will begin. Work, school, and a myriad of other appointments will fill our time. Before we know it Friday will be here and we'll wonder where the time went.

Enjoy this Monday while you can. Once it's's gone.

Stay safe.


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