Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Story Food

In the last few weeks I've read about forty books. That's not necessarily unusual for me. I read a lot. The problem is all the cravings I've had from the story food.

Pizza. Hot dogs. Wine. Bagels. Beef ragout. Really. Have you ever noticed people don't eat salad and veggies in stories? They have milkshakes and Coke and beer and doughnuts.

No one says, "Hey, guys! How about we all go out for steamed veggies with fish?" Noooo. They go out for pizza or burgers and beer.

Here's the thing. While I'm reading the story I get the urge for munchies. Potato chips. Candy bars. Chocolate chip cookies. And I don't keep those things in my house.

No soda. No chips. No snacks. Nothing! Somehow cottage cheese and pineapple doesn't satisfy the cravings the same way chips and dips does.

And don't get me started on the Tex-Mex food! Nachos, guacamole, and gooey cheese... Matter of fact, after a while even a soy dog sounds good. And I'm allergic to soy.



  1. Your post makes me laugh! All my characters are eating salad. LOL!

  2. LOL....the book I'm editing at the moment has salad mentioned a few times, but mostly comfort food:)

  3. You are totally right - I do that in my own stories too. I don't eat like that myself (often) and I don't keep junk in the house so it must be that fantasy thing - the characters eat the way I wish I could (and not get sick!)