Friday, May 18, 2012

Mismatched Undies

When retirement and physical limitations confine you mostly indoors, things can get...boring. One of the ways I amuse myself is making sure my clothing is coordinated--from the skin out.

Imagine my dismay when faced with the dilemma yesterday--purple shorts and top with no matching undies. What to do? Finally, tickled at my obsession with the matching issues, I settled on lime green underwear.

In my youth, things were simple. The choice was white cotton. For those with money, it was possible to purchase black. I remember an assembly all the girls were required to attend when I was in high school. One of the points the speaker made was never wear black underwear beneath white outer garments. All the girls in the audience were moaning, "Ewwww," when a model came on the stage to demonstrate. I wonder what would happen today?

I would add the caveat to never go commando under white outer garments. I have a vivid memory of a woman caught in a rain storm... but I digress.

When I was a young married woman, beige and pale pink and blue underwear was introduced. Panties with teeny little flowers were also available. Women everywhere thought they were the epitome of sexy because we had colors. Then the name brands added lace. Oh, my.

By the time Victoria's Secret came along, I was too well-endowed to wear their offerings. Fortunately, some of the other top brands were willing to offer a wide variety of underpinnings for the more womanly figure.

Now, comfort is more important to me. I've come full circle--back to the cotton undies. But color is important. No whites for me. Nope, I wear hot pink, turquoise, red, lemon yellow--and yes--lime green. With purple shorts and shirt.



  1. Yup....gotta have my colored undies:) I save the white ones for when I'm wearing white or light colored pants/shorts/capris. And I STILL see girls wearing dark colors beneath white clothing (even tight shirts!). Did their mothers teach them NOTHING?
    Oh wait...their moms must have been the ones with their thong straps showing above their low-rise jeans.

  2. Yes, colored undies are a must...and I match mine too. :o)

  3. I don't match anything but I do insist on wildly coloured undies. And you know...undies is Aussie in orgin. Good to know we have an effect on the world