Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butt-high Day

Whoa... my joints hurt this morning! High pressure can kill you first thing in the a.m. What's the solution? Move, move, move.

I have a list of "stuff" to do today before I go to the pool. From comments I've had in the past, I know people don't quite understand about the pool. It's not a standard pool--it's a therapy pool. Ninety-two degrees. Four feet deep. And designed for folks who aren't quite up to swimming laps in a cooler pool. It has grab bars all the way around it for the less steady.

When I go there, soaking in the warm water is one of the benefits. If a particular joint is so stubborn the therapy pool doesn't work, I can spend a few moments in the spa (ninety-six degrees with bubbling jets) and that helps loosen the joints...or something.

The other part of the pool experience is socialization. You know...stimulating conversation.

"How's it going today?"

"Pretty good."

"Sure is cold/hot/raining/snowing out there!"

"I slept in/got up early/stayed up all night..."

"My bursitis/diverticulitis/diabetes/arthritis is acting up today."

"I saw that cute little blonde chick/big mondo-muscle guy out in the gym."

See? Stimulating conversation all conducted as you walk to and fro in the pool. You meet going one way and say something. Then the other fella says something when you pass on the way back.

Anyway, besides the pool today, I have a visit to the post office on my agenda. That's always interesting. Every time I go, something new has been instituted and I'm never prepared, even though I do try. But today's the day for the hauling stuff in to be mailed to all the folks I promised stuff to. We'll see how that goes. Surely, there will be more stimulating conversation in the process.

Then, we'll likely stop at Aldi's for any last-minute grocery needs. I might step into Office Depot. I've been looking for a LARGE post-it pad (the size you would use on a easel). I don't have spare wall space in my office for a plot planner so I was going to use the door. The thing is I don't want to put nail holes in the door...

Ah, well. The hunk is calling. Breakfast is done. Time to get rolling. Just another exciting day in the life of an author.



  1. Sounds similar to the convos we have at boot camp...and joint pain? Oi!

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