Friday, February 8, 2013

Crafty Hunk

 Yay!!! The hunk finished the crocheted bedcover for our bed. KING-sized as you can see. And colorful.
 This is one of my squares. I tend to crochet looser and sloppier. Which did create a small problem when he started putting it together.
 See that row across the top? That was his original strip, planned for the center until we discovered his nice neat stitches were about two sizes smaller than mine. He was going to rip it out and do it all AGAIN! I talked him into using that across the pillows...
 Another view on his side of the bed. Those last two strips were his. So neat...
This is a sample of HIS crocheting. Don't you just hate when your spouse is better at crafts than you? In any case, it's beautiful, don't you think? And another project completed!!!

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  1. Awww......something for the grandkids to cherish for years to come! "Grandpa and Grandma made this together!"

    It looks beautiful! And looks nice and snuggly:) And crocheted with love.

    1. It is VERY snuggly! Think extra heavy thermal blanket... Had a great time last night at the chat. I'm so glad you could come!

  2. Oh wow! I'm so impressed. I totally suck at crafts.

  3. That's beautiful and so cool that you made it together.

  4. I'm so jealous. Never have I been able to crochet. He is a many among men. I particularly like the quirky arrow and diamond bits

  5. Very pretty indeed. Go the Hunk! I made a patchwork quilt for Kid #1's bed and a crocheted quilt for Kid #2'd bed. And gave up and bought quilts for Kids #3 and #4.

  6. I suck at crafts. I love the quilt though.