Monday, February 4, 2013

Bits and Pieces

The Super Bowl is OVER. Yay. I confess I was happy the Ravens won, because after all--Baltimorean here. But the hype? Ick, ick, ick...

The groundhog didn't see his shadow so apparently spring is on it's way. That must be why there's snow on the ground outside my window. Personally, as a post-menopausal woman, I'm not all that enamoured of heat and humidity. I'm almost comfortable now. Maybe if we moved to Canada...

The hunk has almost finished the bedcover for our bed. AND he's planning another one. I'll post pictures when it's finished. It's BIG and heavy and quite unwieldy to work with at this stage.

As for writing. What with this and that it sort of ground to a halt. Time to get back to it. Maybe now that all the anxiety of my son's hospitalization is relieved, and the interruptions for all the other January stuff are past...maybe I can finally get back to my business. Maybe.

In the interest of perking up February, I'll give away one print copy of each of the first two books in the Tuatha Treasures series. What do you have to do to get in on the random drawing?

Well. Comment on the BLOG--not Facebook, but the blog--and the comment has to relate to the blog topic that day. I'll draw two names on Friday night at midnight so be sure you leave me an e-mail addy! Comment on any day this week!



  1. SO glad your son is doing better! I've kind of been absent from other people's blogs due to those stupid word verification and trying to figure out the number. Sometimes they're so tiny, I almost need a magnifying glass. And I was cheering on the Ravens all day yesterday:)

    1. Yeah, I'm not fond of the Word Verifications, either...

  2. Congrats! You way outplayed us! And I must agree about the kissing bits. Yuck. I'm sure you don't mind the snow, but maybe the winter doldrums will ease up.

    1. Heh. I was a wild and crazy game, Julia. Way wild!