Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chill Pill

Just read an article regarding the cholesterol medications... seems they're not particularly effective for the reason they're usually prescribed. Most folks take them because they're supposed to reduce the plaque in arteries. And now, it appears from LONGTERM studies that they don't perform as advertised...in fact, they may increase certain types of plaque.


BUT, just in time, the pharmaceutical companies have come up with a NEW drug that will perform, nay, it will perform miracles! What about all those people on the old drugs, you say? Well, no doubt, as soon as the new drug is approved, doctors will rush to prescribe the new, far more expensive meds. Because, after all, that's the way it works.

My doc recently prescribed a new med for my diabetes. Now, I need to explain that the most prescribed med (cheap, cheap, cheap) makes me quite ill. So that one is OUT. The new one is $85/3 months--my cost--on our prescription plan. Without a prescription plan? $500/3 months.

I'm on Social Security/retirement, but not yet eligible for Medicare. AND even if I was eligible, it doesn't cover everything. So what's the solution?

Maybe, since all the pharmaceutical companies are in the government's pockets anyway, we should just cut out the middleman (the consumer) and let the government pay for the research and development. And charge the consumer $5/per month for all meds, regardless of what they are.

Maybe then, some people wouldn't have to decide between meds and groceries.


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  1. Everything is good for you and everything will kill you or cost you.