Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Sky is Falling!

At least, it seems that way. Fireballs in the sky, whizzing overhead. Big ol' pieces of rock passing in the night. What's it all about?

You know...I miss the old days when we didn't know every little thing going on. Life was less stressful back then. We didn't know about most of the bad things in life until they were old news. And if the news was not considered family friendly, then adults who were realllly interested had to search out a secondary source. There are days when I think that was a better policy. Our kids don't have a chance to grow up slowly due to all the inappropriate stuff blaring out from the television and computers.

So that's my ranty-rant for the day. Time to move on.

Quick health update: Saw the cardiologist and a stress test has been scheduled. Saw my primary and started additional meds for the diabetes. Life evidently is going on as usual, one day at a time.

Today is my dad's birthday. He's a hale and hearty eighty-three who could no doubt beat me in a foot race which is quite a lowering prospect when you think about it. It is obvious to me that I didn't inherit a lot of HIS genes! But in any case I love him in spite of that. Happy Birthday Dad!!!



  1. Happy birthday to your young dad! Mine's 88 and could DEFINITELY beat me in a foot race. Sigh.

  2. Happy birthday Anny's dad - and you hang in there!

  3. I don't actually believe we know everything that's going. We know selected bits to keep us informed up to a point and 'worried' or suitably excited and that's because we're turning into, if not already, a society who are carefully spoon fed info.

    As for the stress test? Look back on your life. You have been stressed to the max. One little test on a treadmill will be a piece of cake....mmmm...cake...

    1. Chocolate cake! Yummmmm. And we absolutely don't have a clue because the media is run by government/corporate. There's no such thing as independent news.