Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cherished Destinies

On Friday, Cherished Destinies, Book Three in my Mystic
Valley series will be released from Ellora's Cave. It is the book about twins, Arano and Arturo and their search for the loves that are their destinies. Each of them must overcome considerable difficulties and personal baggage in order to be free to accept the love that is waiting for them.
In the following excerpt, we meet them the day they are born.
Heat shimmered over the valley in the hottest day in the elders’ memories. Far off to the north, gray clouds were beginning to form and most of the inhabitants hoped for a cooling rain. In Lost Market, a woman labored in the terrible heat to deliver the newest inhabitants of the valley.
The woman leaned back against her mate’s broad comforting chest and panted between contractions. Her dark auburn hair was plastered to her head and her blue-tinted skin was pale and sheened with sweat as she labored to deliver their fifth and sixth children in the exotic surroundings of Mystic Valley.
Old Marta, their midwife waited patiently for the contraction to peak and carefully eased out the tiny head covered with thick black silky hair with her gnarled fingers. On the next contraction, Jade finished expelling the baby from her tired body. Marta handed the baby to Dai, their healer, partner and semtorn. He tenderly cradled the baby while she severed the cord and clamped it.
Dai held the baby up so they could all see him and pronounced softly the traditional blessing, “Arano Llewellyn, may you grow strong and steady with honor and love.” Tiny Arano was not happy be there. He arched his little back and wailed in protest while Dai thoroughly inspected him. His baby soft blue skin roughened with chills despite the heat as he opened his black eyes and blinked in the softly lit bedroom. Impulsively Dai kissed his tiny pointed ears before he wrapped the baby boy carefully in a soft cotton cloth and placed him in his father’s arms.
With surprising swiftness, the second baby arrived and was placed in Dai’s waiting arms. He lifted the baby up and repeated the blessing, “Arturo Llewellyn, may you grow strong and steady with honor and love.” While he wrapped and cuddled the second baby, Marta tended Jade as Merlyn softly described the babes to their mother who had lost her sight in a climbing accident a few short months before their birth. Merlyn and Jade had been seeking a way out of the closed valley but after the accident and the near loss of Jade and her babies, they quietly decided they would accept a permanent life in the valley.
“Two fine boys—identical twins. An eagle and a bear,” Dai crowed with quiet satisfaction and pride. “They are beautiful babies, Jade. Black hair and black eyes. They will look like Merlyn when they are older.”
Tomorrow I'll post another snippet along with the Saga. Don't forget to check in to Amarinda's blog and see what she's done with the Saga at http://www.amarindajones.blogspot.com/ and then skip over to Kelly's blog to see what words of wisdom she has for Tuesday at http://www.kkirch.blogspot.com/ Blessings on your day


  1. Woo hoo! Another Valley book! I love this cover. You could eat food off the man's abs.

  2. Just keep on teasing me...this is the 3rd excerpt I've read...and yes, it's on The List:)

  3. Hell, Amarinda - you could grate cheese with his abs!

  4. Skip the cheese. Skip the food. I'm just gonna take a bite of those pretty things and see what happens.