Thursday, November 15, 2007

Odd Blog Topics

I asked my fellow authors for blog topics thinking I might get something unusual and different. And I did.

1)Blue lint in male belly buttons.

2)How long is a piece of string?

3)Why do we put throw rugs on top of carpets?

4)Why a kangaroo cannot walk backwards?

5)Knitting with dental floss

6)Why is there no rhyme for orange?

7)Different varieties of Potato Salad

8)Bad jokes

Hmmm. Well, I have no idea why men collect blue lint in their belly buttons. Maybe because they wear jeans? Maybe because the jeans turn the lint on their shirts blue? Anyone want to pitch in here and help?

How long is a piece of string? About that long. Of course, it's shorter if you fold it in half or tie a knot in it. But otherwise, it's about that long. Unless you stretch it. Then it's longer.

Now, the rugs...well to keep the carpets clean, of course. I live in an apartment with very, very light colored carpet. When I move out, if it's not clean, I will have to pay them big bucks. So I covered the entire place with area rugs. We've been here five years and the carpet looks pretty good.

Kangaroos... this suggestion came from Amarinda, of course. Who else? This is obviously a trick question but I gave it my best shot. I googled it. I read a lot of weird forums that discussed the fact that the kangaroo cannot walk backwards, but nobody knew why! So? Does anybody have the answer? Cindy, you zoologist you. Speak up!

Knitting with dental floss. Seems like it might be a bit labor intensive, but the end product is probably lacy and delicate. Personally, I would think that crocheting would work better but no doubt there is someone out there would will actually try this. Please get in touch with me and let me know how it works out.

Why is there no rhyme for orange? Because no one made one up! So in order to solve that problem we could just whip up a few. florange = orange flower, glorange = the color of the sunset, thorange = how your butt feels after you wear a thong all day, storange = where you store the kids Christmas presents, warrange = designated battlefield. There now. That wasn't that difficult, right?

Different varieties of potato salad. What varieties? There is no other potato salad except the kind my mother makes. The rest of them are not potato salad. They're wannabe potato salads, but the real true blue deal is my mother's potato salad. Got that? Right.

Bad jokes. I'm kinda of funny about jokes. A bad joke to me is a joke that makes fun of someone because of their religion, color, ethnicity, size, sexual orientation or a disability. Those aren't funny. In general, I can deal with jokes that play off the differences between men and women as long as they aren't mean. But there are a lot of funny situations in this world we live in. Enough of them that we don't need to lower ourselves to hurting those around us. I know this paragraph isn't funny...but neither are the jokes that make fun of people who are different from us.

I love humor and having fun unless it hurts someone's feelings. And you can never tell what thing you say might inadvertantly hurt the person next to you. Generally, on a person to person basis, people are people just like you and me. They may eat different foods or worship differently but ultimately, when they're cut, they bleed the same color blood as we do.

I hope you enjoyed the unusual blog topics. Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming. Blessings on your day.


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  1. Kangaroos don't walk backwards because they don't want to - same with emus. I think it's a mood thing.

    'storange' - I love this word. I constantly have storange problems with all the junk in my house. I am going to add it into my next book and see if, unlike 'pukeable' it gets through editing

  2. I liked thorange. I've tried thongs and completely agree that it makes you thorange. Chaffing comes to mind. Plus I cannot believe that anal floss along the sensitive part therein would not result in hemorrhoids. Would have to put this to a thong user to find out. But(t) then again, not sure I want to know. TMI.

  3. Anny, I am lauighing my ass off, and boy, did I need a laugh today. Icky news to start the day, but then I read your blog and I'm like a new woman, I may even take uo knitting with dental floss. Maybe I could make a blouse in time for RT, You go, Anny girl. you've got the mojo.

  4. Somewhere, there is a home video of me pulling my thong out of my butt...note to self: When trying out new underwear fad, do not pick the date of family reunion...lots of thorange that day:)

  5. LOLOL Your blog post is inspired, Anny! I especially like your rhymes for orange. *g*

  6. I believe I'll have to start a new dictionary of "orange" words. Perhaps I can get them into the OED and Websters...along with Amarinda's pukeable.

  7. Door Hinge.

    As far as kangaroos, I don't know, but I do know that their legs are powerful and designed for one heck of a forward leap. Maybe all the muscle or tendon development is on one side in order to accomodeate that?

    Blue lint: gee the most common garment worn by the 21st century human is blue jeans. Go figure.

    How long is a piece of string? About six inches shorter than you need it to be at any given time.

  8. I will add door hinge to my list. Also astute observation regarding the string. Thank you for the kangaroo!