Sunday, November 11, 2007

The House Hunk

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning. A lot of women complain that their husbands don't help with the housework. I don't have that problem. When mine gets in the mood...look out!

Our guest room was the junk collector's room all spring and summer as our balcony was refurbished by the construction guys. Everything--potting soil, empty pots, lawn chairs--everything had to be taken off the balcony for most of the summer and it all ended up in the guest room.

Then in the way that things like that happen, gradually, other stuff made it's way there. The package of twenty rolls of t.p., the package of 18 rolls of paper towels, the pile of clean blankets, and so on. Where else are you going to put that stuff in a small apartment with no storage?

Well, now it's all in the living room. But that room is clean! Vacuumed! Ready for my daughter and granddaughters who are coming to visit on Thanksgiving.

Where will the rest of the stuff go? I have no idea, but the husband already made growling noises about working on the living room today. And that means that he'll be out here with a dust rag and vacuum cleaner pointing at stuff and hounding me "Where does that go?"

Do I dare say "I don't know?"

Nope. Cause if I do, he'll suggest that we haul it out to the dumpster. Sigh.

The kitchen is already clean enough to make you puke. I don't dare put a spoon in the sink because it'll mess up "his kitchen". Do you see what retirement will be like when he's a full time house hunk?

Do you know what's truly depressing? Dinner is already in the crock pot cooking. I kid you not. All done. It is twenty minutes after midnight on Sunday morning and dinner is cooking. The coffee pot's ready to perk first thing when we wake up. Breakfast is already set up. Argh!

I suppose it's a good thing that I write well so that I have a "reason" to let him be the house hunk. Oh, woe is me. I'm a failure as a woman. Terrible house goddess. Terrible. To tell the truth, I hate being a house goddess. So I'm thrilled that the house hunk is so organized. As long as he's willing, I'll be happy to be the writer.

Next month we will be married forty years. A friend asked me "How did you do it?"

Well...I let the house hunk clean whatever he wants to. He's a whiz in the bathroom...the kitchen...the bedroom...oops! I guess you don't want to know about the bedroom. Let's just say he's a swell research assistant. A happy one, too.


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  1. Jeeze, I am so jealous....I am in the midst of house cleaning now (puke/spew)-send him over.

  2. actually, I can put the cleaning off...if he can get here tomorrow chaos will still abound...I promise

  3. Once he retires he could go into business training others to be house hunks. That would keep him out from underfoot and benefit society.

  4. You know, Barbara, that's much better than my idea of hiring him out...

  5. I need to borrow Dan too. Send him over. And what a cutie he is!! Not at all the lecherous toy boy I had imagined. He's got this expression like, "What position did you say you wanted to try?" LOL. Hi Dan! You're House Hunk and an enviable stud muffin.

    I'm off to put Scott in an apron...and that's all.

  6. Yep, house hunks are wonderful things. Mine is a fabulous cook, but leaves messes behind which sometimes drive me nuts. But then when he does get in the mood to clean--wow. ANd I only ever had to burn myself once with the iron before I wasn't allowed to play with that anymore either. (alog with his pans and knives, etc.)

  7. You can't beat that, Anny. And I like Barbara's idea. :-)

  8. Mine is a house hunk when he wants to be, and a fab cook as well:) But since we've moved, and 'he doesn't live here M-F', he joins the others in that cry of 'but I don't know where anything is'! But give him another 4 weeks, and he'll be helping me cook and clean again...since he'll 'be living here again'!

  9. My house hunk cooks and leaves a mess. Starts a project, oh then gets sidelined. May I rent your house hunk to teach mine some things?

  10.'s give's "rent-a-hunk" a whole new meaning, right?

  11. My house hunk is a great cook but otherwise pretty much oblivious to mess. Not exactly a slob but his levels of acceptable house-hygiene are much lower than mine!

  12. Anny's right about her house hunk. Having borrowed him from time to time, I can attest to his efficiency. Nothing is too difficult for him and he never makes you feel stupid that you had to ask for help (something I'm not good at). Thanks for sharing.