Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thanksgiving

Thirteen things I am thankful for.

1) My househunk. He did true heavy duty work this past week to help me clean and cook for our company. He cleaned things I wouldn't have cleaned. Thanks to him, the house is cleaner than it's been in a long time. He cooked. He baked. He paid for the fun we're going to have today.

2) My children. They remind me of what it was like to be young and struggling to get along. Sometimes the people my age forget that things weren't always like they are now. I'm proud of them because they just keep on chugging.

3) My grandchildren. Through them I remember what it was like when my own children were small. They keep me honest. They're forthright and loving. Good combination.

4) My friends, far and near, old and new. Each year I think now I really know what it's like to have good friends and each year I find that I haven't really learned all there is to know about good friends.

5) My parents. Through thick and thin they've been there for me. Some nights I talked for hours. Some nights they talk for hours. It's good to have parents like mine.

6) My siblings. Well, they're all guys so I suppose I could say my brothers. What can I say? They're guys but I love them.

7) My sweet sisters-in-law. Some people aren't nearly as fortunate as I am. My brothers were wise and picked the best.

8) My doggie and my kitty. Yep, they keep me sane some days. They love unconditionally. They keep me company no matter where I am in the house.

9) My friend Jane. Even if she thinks I'm absolutely nuts for gathering acorns, she still talks to me. She offers her support, she allows me to read all my sexy scenes to her first thing in the morning, and she's only a little shocked.

10) My blog mates, Janet/Amarinda and Kelly. I have no idea how I lucked out when I hitched up with them, but bless their pea pickin' hearts... they put up with me through thick, thin, and weird.

11) Freedom. Freedom to worship. Freedom to write. Freedom to read. Freedom to travel where ever I want to. Freedom to live wherever I can afford to live. Freedom.

12) My teachers. From the first one way back in Pima, Arizona to the last ones at Orange County Community College, I've had the best. Caring, interested, and wise... everyone of them. They are why I'm where I am today. They all believed in reading and the power of the written word.

13) Helen, the frog queen. How she changed my life with a few simple words a year ago. Blessings on her and her family.


Don't forget to stop by and say hello to Kelly at and particularly to her guest author--a man! And then pop over and say a special hello to Amarinda at as she's at work instead of feasting. Australians do not celebrate Thanksgiving... or they do that every day. Blessings on your day!


  1. "...bless their pea pickin' hearts." Hmmm...I can't remember picking peas. And weird...yep, you do weird very well.

  2. Oh, by the way...have you told anyone it's your birthday? No? Okay, I'll keep it quiet

  3. (Whispering...)
    Happy happy happy birthday,
    Happy happy happy birthday.
    Happy happy happy birthday
    To you, to you, to you, OLE':)

    Enjoy your day:)

    Oh, hubby reeeaaaallly likes your Winter Hearts cover:)

  4. Hey...I gather acorns...

    Happy Birthday Anny - I hope this next year is filled with nothing but joy, laughter and love!

    Happy Thanksgiving, too - enjoy your day!

  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement and Happy Birthday. You're got it backwards--I don't talk to you even though I think you're nuts. I love you because I know you're nuts. Feel free to try out your new works on me any morning. It spices up my coffee. Love to you and your wonderful family.


  6. Oops, that's You've, not You're


  7. hey little missy just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and a Happy Thanksgiving. fifty-eight huh? until i read a bit of Chrysanthemum, i thought you were older. muahaha! Maybe I'll have an oportunity to visit you guys over Cristmas break. hope so! love,

    your cute little ex next-door-neighbor Shelbi

  8. Anny,

    Happy Birthday late. My nephews birthday is the 22nd also. He turned 10 and we had a birthday party after we had the meal & cleaned up. Everything went better than we had even hoped. Blessing on you and enjoy your weekend.