Sunday, July 6, 2008

The odd, the weird, the strange...

Last night I spent some time on a chat look talking nonsense. From certain things said, I got the distinct notion that they think I'm a little strange. Can't image where they would get that idea... Anyway, it was a lot of fun and kept me laughing for quite a while.

I think that what we decide is odd or weird or strange is mostly a cultural issue. How we discern our norms is based on how we were raised and what ideas we were exposed to especially in our youth. It's kind of how an anthropologist would look at a strange culture. How they interpret that culture is really going to be based on their personal experience. And that interpretation might not be anywhere near correct.

Years ago I was required to take a Sociology course. Our textbook had a workbook with questions and extra material. One of the articles in the workbook was an anthropologist looking at our culture. It was a thought provoking, eye-opening look at how we function. The anthropologist describe the "holy-mouth men" (dentists) and the "holy-body men" (doctors) along with the "body temples" (hospitals) and the female acolytes (nurses)... Like I said, it's all a matter of viewpoint when you're talking about odd or strange.

Anyway, I don't mind at all being odd or strange. I figure that I spent years aspiring to be ladylike and boring. So it's about time that I broke that mold, don't you think?



  1. "Can't image where they would get that idea..."

    Um, gee, maybe from reading your jaw dropping books with the incredibly wild sex. My god....the things I have learned - and no way I would ever let anyone with a piercing gun near me again.I was considering another set of holes in my ear lobes but you have cured me of that.

  2. Considering I learned new ways to torture Were creatures from our chat, hmmm....

    I do wonder what an anthropologist would make of our culture years from now as the review the pertinent literature of our day like, oh say, Anny Cook's Camelot series.

  3. Personally, I have always considered "You're weird" to be a compliment.

    Not everyone appreciates it, which is a shame. Truly, we are all peculiar in our own way. There is no normal.

  4. Loved the pic. You may have broken the mold but that doesn't make you odd or strange.

  5. I totally missed this post the other day. Dang. Know what? I get sick of being NORMAL. I think it's easy to let go and be ourselves the older we get. There's a comfort factor there that gives us leave to be as weird as we want.

    Weird is good.