Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Undercover Blues

Undercover! The very word conjures up images of taut excitement in sleazy bars or bdsm clubs. Wonder what the reality is. Long lonely hours engaging in possibly illegal acts while trying to get the necessary evidence to convict criminals. Nothing glamorous about it. Just adrenaline edged survival.

The scary truth is that undercover work is dangerous. Agents and officers often must work alone. They need nerves of steel and the acting skills of an Oscar winner. Some have to leave family and friends behind for long months. There is always the danger that their cover can be blown by an acquaintance who recognizes them.

So I wonder why we use the undercover officer as a device in so many of our stories? Is it a jeopardy thing? Something to heighten the sense of dange? What makes it so attractive?

In another note, I was sitting here last night--well actually it was 2:30 AM. I heard people go up the stairs outside my apartment. Then I heard people walking about upstairs. Flushed the toilet. Turning on the shower. Finally got quiet about 3:00 AM. I know you're wondering why I'm even telling you this stuff. Well... no one lives up there. That apartment has been empty for three or four months. So who was walking around? I didn't hear them leave.

When I called our management office today they blew me off. So here it is. If the place is vandalized? I warned them.



  1. You know there's a story you could write about that apartment.

  2. Maybe the exit portal to Mystic Valley has finally been found? How exciting! Apparently they arrive, decide their homes are better, and go back???

  3. Ah-hah! The mystery has been solved. Apparently, I have new neighbors moving in today though I haven't seen anyone except the moving guys.

    I will have to get used to people walking around overhead again...

  4. Yep, everything that happens and everything that's said to us is fodder for our stories.

    So you think it could've been undercover cops in that apartment? Or maybe it was the landlord having an affair. So many possibilities.

  5. Oops! I should've read all the comments before answering. Still, the imagination takes over.

  6. Well there's furniture in the apartment now... but NO people. What's up with that? Where are the people? Whatever is going on is just plain strange.