Friday, September 18, 2009


Me? I tele-commute. But back in my time, I spent several hours a day commuting (or providing transport for the commuter). At one time, in addition to working an eight and a half hour day, I spent an additional six hours driving back roads as I chauffeured various family members to and from work. My car was my office, my dining room, my study hall, even my concert hall.

What it wasn't was comfortable. In the winter it was cold. In the summer it was hot. And the car seat hasn't been invented that's comfortable after a couple of hours.

Like the postman, neither snow nor sleet nor rain... kept me from my appointed rounds. At four AM, I was up driving the house hunk to the park n ride lot so he could catch the bus, beginning his two hour commute into the city. Frequently, I followed the snow plows back home, giving me a fair idea of whether we would have work that day--or not. Since I worked for a school district, I definitely had a heads up about whether the district would be likely to put school buses on the roads.

I've used all sorts of transportation to commute from the ancient trolley busses used by the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) and the "L" to the eight lane plus madness that is the 610 loop in Houston, Texas. I must admit that my favorite mode of commuting is via computer. Jammie clad, with coffee in hand, I can settle in front of my computer and begin my day.

There are, of course, disadvantages to tele-commuting. Hard to be sick enough to miss work when you're not leaving home. And you don't see a lot of people face-to-face. And you don't get much exercise when you don't go outside...

On the other hand, you save on clothing costs, can have your pet at work with you, and if a nap becomes absolutely necessary, the bed is close by. Actually, I do believe that's next on my schedule.



  1. I tele-commute and while it gets lonely sometimes, I don't miss the office politics. All the gossiping and BS that comes from working with others. If I get lonely I have my writer friends to chat with!

  2. Currently doing the car and the jammie clad commute but not at the same time:)

  3. Yep. I vote for jammie-clad commutes too.

  4. LOL I actually had a non-scheduled nap today. It's good to be able to adjust when a situation arises. *g*

    I do miss the exercise though. I spend most of my day with my butt in a chair. I need to make myself get out more.