Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is the nature of your emergency?

It was an average afternoon. We were fixing dinner. The kids were playing. And then... it happened. "T" was playing tag with the other kids, missed her stop, and ran her arm through a window.

Her dad was outside, messing with the car. A maintenance man was coming down the stairs. And between the two of them they called 9-1-1, summoned an ambulance and we went careening off to the hospital around 5:30 PM. A couple hundred stitches later, we walked back in the door at home at 2:00 AM.

It was messy. We're all tired. But fortunately no nerves and tendons were permanently damaged. And she had a superb surgeon to sew her up.

Which brings us to current events. Like so many other young families in America, they are uninsured. Accidents seldom happen when it's convenient, when we have money in the bank, when we have a savings plan. They nearly always happen at the worst moment. Currently both parents are unemployed. When you lose your job, you lose your insurance. And the parents are worried about paying for painkillers and antibiotics out of pocket.

What kind of country do we live in when a twelve year old girl does without painkillers with a hundred and seventy five stitches in her arm? Sure there are twenty-four hour drugstores but they charge more than someplace like Walmart or Sam's Club. Hopefully we can afford them when we crawl out of bed.

So for those who don't want some kind of health care plan... stuff it. Drop by and hold my granddaughter's hand and explain to her why she has to hurt. For those greedy drug companies out there that charge and arm and a leg for meds... shame on you. Face us one on one and explain why we have to decide whether to have our meds or eat.

I've paid taxes since I was sixteen. Lots of them. And I would pay more if it meant that everyone of my children and grandchildren were insured. I would gladly pay if it meant that no child had to go to sleep in pain.



  1. Anny, you are my hero! Thanks for speaking out about a rotten batch of tomatoes that people are afraid to speak freely of for fear of having their house pelted with rotten eggs! I hope your granddaughter will get the medical help she needs without bankrupting her poor family. If you need donations, I know where a whole passel of authors are hiding out who would happily shell out a ten or twenty to help out a pal and a kid! Just get yourself a PayPal account, and i will be first in line. Hugs!

  2. OMG! How awful for your granddaughter, Anny. I'm glad you're speaking out on this subject. I'm tired of people not getting the health care they deserve. Especially someone like T. It's horrible that she has to suffer. And like Fran said, if you want to take donations your writer friends are here for you and your family!

  3. Poor, little thing.

    One thing I don't understand is why they are proposing penalizing folks who don't buy insurance with a penalty of several thousand dollars. If they could afford it, they'd buy it. How is that helping?

  4. AMEN Anny:) We're forever explaining why we can't afford the 'new wonder drugs' to doctors b/c we have to pay the entire amount up front before our discount kicks in. Our insurance just switched prescription plans, so maybe it will be different now. But I can't tell you how many times I'd have to call the dr and request a generic or plain ol' penicillin, since it was less than $5. When you only get $400 a week, groceries, bills, and gas take most of it. Who can afford another $100 for prescriptions?

    I agree, Sandra. That's insane!

  5. Oh, Anny! I'm so sorry. And poor T. Bless her heart!

    The health care system in our country is truly messed the hell up if we can't even take care of our kids when they are hurting. It's all so wrong!

  6. Thank all of you for your wonderful generosity. I'll let you know how it's going!

  7. Hope your granddaughter is ok, Anny! I agree 100%.

  8. Anny, I've been sending emails to the White House, voicing my support for universal health care. The opposition is so vocal, I think it's important to remind the president that there are many people who are behind it.

    I just read a scary article yesterday about how my insurer is dropping people when they get a major illness (after collecting their premiums all those years). They are already trying to get out of even applying my medical bills for this year to my huge deductible.

    Today, I sent another note to the White House with a link to your blog. It's easy to do. I'd encourage you all to go to and let them know we are out here watching. The president needs all the ammunition he can get since nearly all our legislator's campaigns are being funded by insurers and pharmaceutical companies now.

    Good thoughts for your granddaughter.

  9. I'm confused - do you not have socialized medicine in the US? And if not - why not? I don't understand how a country like the US is a "super power" but they can't provide simple medical care to their people.

    Sorry to hear about the kid - how frigging painful would that be - sounds like she's tough though - like her Nan

  10. Anny! Hugs to you and your granddaughter! How absolutely terrifying on so many fronts. I'll sending healing thoughts her way -- and writing again to the government.

  11. OMG I'm so sorry that this happened to your granddaughter, Anny. I hope she heals quickly.


  12. How scary!!! Sending healing vibes her way. And you are absolutely right about the medical system - it's a travesty as it stands now.