Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Ready For RomantiCon--Part One

I seldom leave home. I do mean seldom...maybe once every year or two. In the interim, things tend to slide. I write in my jammies, run around the house in sloppy shorts and tee shirt, shave my legs when I get around to it.

Usually, the "getting ready" process is a mad dash to beauty salons, nail salons, etc. until I am more or less presentable. This time my daughter is here to help out. Actually, I think she always wanted one of those dollies she could style and makeup and now that she has me instead she's having a wonderful time making me over.

I've mentioned on my blog on more than one occasion the problems I have with my beard. The beauty salon declined to wax it because it would possibly cause too much damage to my skin. Shaving on a daily basis is something only men should have to do. And bleaching just leaves we with a long white beard.

So we purchased a tub of wax and yesterday we began the arduous process of giving me a clean chin. I inherited a heavy beard from my maternal grandfather. Little did I know when I watched him stropping his straight razor twice a day that I would face dealing with the same heavy growth pattern.

Working in small patches to minimize the skin damage on my face, she slathered warm wax on my goatee and ripped away. Did it hurt? Yes, but not nearly as much as it did at the beauty salon. I still have a crop of short little whiskers left, but our plan was a second go round in a few days, so I'm pleased with the progress.

There's still the eyebrows to do, but they'll wait until closer to departure time. And of course, we have the hair to trim and color (cause goodness knows no one can tell that I'm getting OLD!) Manicure and pedicure. And too bad she can't arrange to remove a few inches from my backside, but so far her miracle working has been stymied in that area.

Heh. I'll be so beautiful no one will recognize me when I get there. Until then...



  1. You know, I wish more women would admit to having this problem. I do too. Not a few stray hairs mind you, I can grow a full on beard if I don't shave it daily. I hate the process and even more I hate the societal pressure that makes me feel like less of a woman for having the problem. Let me know if the waxing works better. It would only be worth it if it slowed down the growth.

  2. Whatever happened to just being yourself do you think?

  3. Call me Shallow Hal. For better or worse, there are certain aspects of being a woman that WILL be judged. Excessive facial hair seems to fall under the category of uncleanliness, even if you're as clean as a whistle.

    I rarely wear makeup--or lipstick--and that's okay. But the facial hair is another issue.

    My older daughter has the same problem. It's not only a matter of appearance, but also comfort. If you bend your neck, all those short hairs poke you. If you happen to touch your jaw, all that short hair pokes your fingers. If you hug your child, your "sandpaper" rubs their face and makes them uncomfortable... Beauty isn't the primary problem.

  4. Hugs Anny. What's that phrase, 'It hurts to be beautiful' or something like that, anyway. I knew it a moment ago; I said it to my daughter last week! If it comes back to me, I'll return. Maybe someone else knows what the hell I'm talking about...

  5. It seems that my hirsute nature only appeared after age 50. Up until then, it remained a secret from the world. LOL! I tweeze...hurts, but it's faster!

  6. Anny, I feel your pain;-)I haven't been brave enough to try waxing! But it's only a matter of time because I'm sure tired of tweezing!

  7. Yep. I tweez. It's definitely an age thing. As the time draws closer, I get more nervous but I suspect once we get there, we'll notice nothing but all the smiles.

  8. Please send J to my house as soon as she's finished at yours--I have the frantic getting-ready problems too!