Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Never trust decisions you make when you're under the combined influence of nasal spray, cough syrup, and your inhaler. If you then add a piece of chocolate cake and a soda, you're in real trouble.

At various murky points in the last two or three days I compiled a list of possible promo items to take to RomantiCon (October 9-12 in Akron, OH). On reviewing the list today, some are manifestly impossible. Most are impractical. And a couple are doable if I enlist the neighborhood in an assembly line frenzy.

Ideally, promo items should be relatively inexpensive, memorable (after all, they're supposed to keep your name in front of your possible readers), useful (at least in the short term) and unique. Something must separate your promo item from everyone else's promo item.

After much heartburn and headdesking, I've concluded such an item does not exist. Nope, it isn't out there. So like every other author out there, I'll show up with the usual suspects... magnets, chapbooks, maybe the odd book mark of three.

Unless I have a flash of brilliance in my cough syrup induced dreams tonight. There's still three weeks for me to think of something truly brilliant. *cough, cough* But I'm not counting on that passing flash of insanity. Nope. I think I'll settle on the magnets. Now I'm off to see what I can design that will be truly memorable...



  1. You're right - there is nothing new when it comes to convention promo. I sent pens and candles - one is always handy and the other smells fantastic. Whatever you come up with will be right

  2. Ah but the ideas are much more entertaining this way.

  3. I haven't tackled chapbooks yet, though I probably should. Ordered some goodies this week and am hoping they'll be here in time...

  4. They are still on the expensive side (like $5 a piece) but as a future idea USB flash drives are very popular conference goodies. Good idea especially for those with e-books. Could parcel them out to certain people (like those that buy a print copy) and could preload excerpts from the e-books. Could get a group of e-book authors and preload a bunch of excerpts and then share the cost.

  5. I suppose it all depends on WHAT you put on the magnet :)