Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Happy Painters



Jane, my neighbor had several rooms in her apartment painted. Behold the hunky painters! For several days, they cheerfully whistled and sang while they worked, making a tough job better. Here's a hug for Wes and Gary!

Often we meet workers when they visit our homes to repair or upgrade parts of our homes or apartments. Now I know we've all met the surly, less than pleasant men and women, but in my experience there are far more men and women who are cheerful, very competant and efficient. They work hard to make things as unstressful as possible. This blog is for the workers all around us who meet us for a passing instant, change our surroundings for the better, and move on. Thank you!



  1. I have to admit I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to tradesmen at home

  2. The tie is key here. It makes the ensemble. Wes is definite eye candy and Gary's cheer is engaging. I'd hire happy over surly any day of the week.

  3. Had a new mattress delivered recently. The guys were so delighted that I didn't get mad when they were 10 minutes late. Couldn't smile at me enough. Heh. That's worth 10 minutes, anytime!

  4. Love the tie Wes is wearing - completes his outfit! :)

    It's always refreshing when the handy men or women are cheerful.