Saturday, September 12, 2009

The kissing bits...

Do you remember The Princess Bride when the little boy asks if he has to hear the kissing bits? I thought that was a charming movie. In the last few weeks I've watched more movies than I watched in quite a long time before that. One thing that's struck me in the recent movies is their loss of innocence.

Even the children's movies seem so much less innocent than they were a decade ago. I'm wondering when the time came that it was okay to have more than kissing in a movie marketed for kids? I suppose that the same is true on television.

In the last few weeks I've had occasion to watch several television shows and truthfully? I'm not impressed. Comedy isn't funny. Reality isn't real. Mysteries are all centered around sex crimes. Drama is flat. And sports aren't sportsmanlike. Even the news is slanted and unfair.

What's safe to watch with kids? Does anyone remember I Love Lucy?



  1. Totally agree with you, Anny. We have a zillion channels on our satellite package but rarely watch any of them.

    I bought a copy of Back to the Future to give my daughter for xmas, and plan to get a copy of Karate Kid too. But since those are from the 80s, I'm not sure that helps much for today!

  2. I remember the uproar when Pochahontis came out; they said she was drawn 'too sexy'.

    At first, it seemed that comedies centered around the clueless wife; the Father Knew Best. Then husbands got to 'bumbling' award. Now it seems that whatever you watch, the parents are either clueless or have so many selfish problems themselves, the kids are running the show. What happened to family values? Oh wait...those shows aren't big money makers anymore.

  3. TV reflects society. If scoiety is superficial then TV is superficial to cater to it. Other than the news, I rarely watch TV...but I would watch a classic black and white I Love Lucy with Lucy, Ethel, Ricky and Fred

  4. Which is exactly why I watch so little TV. Rent the series Avonlea for the girls. It's the town after Anne of Green Gables grows up and is excellent.

  5. Buy the Disney Movie Spirited Away. It's fabulous, and it teaches children lessons while entertaining.