Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue People

"His mouth hung open. His startled green eyes met hers and he saw they were a deep, clear shade of turquoise that danced with amusement at his reaction. Without comment, she dropped the sandals she carried in one hand onto the grass at her feet, shook out the pale rose meerlim she carried over one arm and casually slipped it on. Self-consciously, she smoothed the tendrils at her neck and patted the intricate knotted arrangement of her lustrous black hair. Three slender jeweled picks anchored it at the crown of her head.

Then, she began to move toward him and his mouth snapped shut. She stalked with all the grace and queenliness of a hunting cat. This was not a woman to trifle with. Very carefully he noted the other details… Gently pointed ears with tiny gold hoops in the points, the intriguing tilt of her almond-shaped eyes and the hint of fanged eyeteeth. So—a predator lurked in her genes. He couldn’t believe he’d made friends with a blue Vulcan."~~Dancer's Delight by Anny Cook.

Sigh. All this time I thought I had an original thought when I described my blue people in the Mystic Valley. Imagine my surprise when I got a good look at the Avatar people.

As they approached, two young men came out onto the porch carrying what appeared to be bundles of bedding and dumped them in a small wood handcart.

He wanted to drift back into the trees and study them carefully, but Eppie tugged him forward with a quick smile. Within seconds he had deduced that they were identical twins, somewhere in their late teens or early twenties. It was difficult to judge with complete accuracy, but he suspected they were at least six inches over six feet tall. Both were shirtless, revealing broad muscular chests with long lean muscles in their arms. Their hair, an amazing shade of carrot red, was arranged in a multitude of narrow braids that fell well below their hips. Each braid ended in a square jeweled bead.

The bright red hair distracted him only for a moment from the smooth pale blue skin, pointed ears and dark tilted eyes. Broad intricate tattoo bands decorated their upper arms.~~Dancer's Delight by Anny Cook

In this excerpt Dancer encounters Eppie's brothers, Llyon and Tyger. Beaded braids... So if you want to have an idea of what blue people might look like, here one is.

I confess I haven't gone to see Avatar. So when I found the picture up above I was rather startled at how close the character was to my description of my Mystic Valley people.

So what do you think?



  1. I think someone read your first book and decided to turn it into a movie...but then Hollywood interfered and Avatar was born. They just kept the 'blue people' angle.

    That's my take, anyway...not seen Avatar either.

  2. Haven't seen Avatar either though everyone who I knew did said the visuals were stunning but plot very weak. *shrugs* I will wait till it comes out on video before I see it.


  3. It's almost impossible to copyright an idea unless you send in copyright papers and stipulate that you are copyrighting the physical descriptions, as well. Ah, well. You could always talk to an attorney.

  4. Actually, that was not my thought at all. But it was startling to see what my description looked like. I just found it interesting. That same description could result in something quite different, I think.

  5. I want to see Avatar but will wait for the DVD. I can't get comfortable in theaters any more so have stopped going. (Bath room too far away..LOL)

    I love the Castle. It is in Ireland?

  6. Anny, I have put your book on my list to buy, but it just keeps getting longer, even when I buy one.LOL
    It's like buy 1 add 2..LOL

  7. How funny, Anny! I haven't seen Avatar, but we've seen some ads, and the kids call it the "blue people movie." Things like this do make me wonder how many truly original thoughts there are left out there to think! Plus, someone described Avatar to me as "Dances With Wolves, only with blue people"--hmm....

    Anyway, since I'm not much of a movie person, I'd much rather read your version!

  8. Happy 2010. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

    With so many of us I'm surprised more of us don't have the same ideas. Still, it feels freaky when someone else comes up with such a similar idea. Hugs.

  9. lol I've not seen avatar. but am definitely interested in your book and I'd imagine that both of them are completely different except for the blue poeple.

  10. I saw Avatar (the 3D version) and I thought of Mystic Valley. They are truly beautiful in the movie and very much what I've always visualized when reading your books.

  11. Except for the sparkles to the skin, I have always pictured the people of Mystic Valley in as being quite similair to this picture.

    The first time I caught a commercial for Avatar, I thought, "Did Anny forget to tell us about selling her book to a Hollywood Producer?" Then I watched it again, got the story line, which didn't look like much, and thought, no they just stole her description of the people.

    I haven't seen the movie, and I probably wont, but I really like the visualization of your characters.

    When is the Mystic Valley series coming out in print??? I have emailed this question to EC/JJ repeatedly.