Monday, January 18, 2010

Fine Art of Procrastination

I was going to organize my receipts for tax-time. No, they're not done.

I was going to organize my royalty statements and make sure they were all entered on the computer spreadsheet. No, they're not done.

I was going to update my series bibles so I'd know what the possibilities are for new stories. No, they're not done.

I was going to update my list of non-words so I'd have something to choose from when I need a new "word" the next time I write a book. You guessed it, no, it's not done.

It isn't that I've been wasting time. I write between eight and ten hours every day. I've been working hard to finish a book--so hard that I felt guilty taking time to go grocery shopping or stopping to eat lunch.

So now I find that some things must be done, whether or not I want to stop long enough to do them. The thing about procrastination is it comes back to bite you in the butt--usually at the most inconvenient time.

What do you procrastinate about? Or are you one of those really organized people who have everything done way ahead of time?



  1. Lately, too busy to even procrastinate - but I like your poetic way of describing your situation!

  2. I was gonna answer this post yesterday...but I put it off until today. If you are the queen of procrastinators, darlin', I am the empress. LOL!

  3. Far out! Who does all that! Non words?

  4. I finally did my tax stuff and royalty statements yesterday! I've been procrastinating!!! LOL

    Organized? HA! Not a chance.

  5. Last year at this time I vowed not to let the receipts pile up and keep better track of my mileage. You guessed it; NOT DONE!

    Sigh...I see another day of organizing everything before seeing the tax man, and grumbling 'why did we put this off so long?'

  6. Off to see the Financial Planner about retirement... another thing we, er, procrastinated.

  7. I've managed to get all of my royalty and tax stuff in one place and that's about as organized as it's gotten so far. I have a couple of's on the calendar...

  8. I'm with the cat...I'll procrastinate about procrastinating.

    OOh-good WV non-word: squit