Friday, January 29, 2010

Gone for the weekend...

Last night (and for the rest of the weekend) things were very quiet at my house. My daughter is in Arizona for a work thingy. I received word late last night that she arrived safely. My son-in-law took the girls to New York for a weekend visit. He called around eleven to say they'd finally arrived after sitting still for two solid hours because of an accident, which turned a five hour trip into a seven hour trip.

After thirty-nine years with the same company, the house hunk is retiring today. He's not real sure about this whole retirement deal. I figure he'll settle down after a few days. Maybe the guys will join a bowling league or go fishing or play pool. I know they've been talking about going to the gym.

But for today (at least part of today) it will be absolutely quiet at my house. There will be those few final precious moments of solitude before my life changes again. I'll drink my coffee. Write a couple e-mails. Read a few blogs and ponder on the twists and turns in my life. And then the hunk will come home and we'll go find a steak to celebrate the change in his life.

Life is constant change. Those who complain that nothing ever changes just aren't observant. There's always something new going on. And part of living is embracing change. So I'm off to give life a hug.



  1. Happy Retirement Day, HH:) Enjoy the peace and quiet, Anny.

  2. Congrats on the quiet and the retirement!

  3. Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet! :)