Monday, April 29, 2013

Alternate Plan

Writing is...frustrating. It's especially so when you have huge distractions from everyday life. And like many writers, I bought into the admonishments...write every day...keep writing, even when you don't feel like it...BICHOK (butt in chair, hands of keyboard).


Little is accomplished except my increasing frustration. Time out. Time out, I say! There are only so many directions the mind can go.

Perhaps, once my 'stuff' is back in order, then there will be room in the fuzzy brain for writing. So I'm taking a short sabbatical to organize the rest of my life. I'm giving myself permission to take care of my other obligations without feeling like a failure because I'm not writing.

I admire those writers who can plow on through thick and thin, through the mire of family drama, poor health, and financial emergencies. I can't. And I refuse to feel guilty about that.

Perhaps with all the extra 'contemplation' time, I'll figure out what direction my stories are taking. That would be a good thing to know. In the meantime, they say organization is good for the soul.



  1. Anny,
    Take a breather and relax for a bit. When things calm down I'm sure you'll be back on top of things! I agree that organization is good for what ails you. That sense of accomplishment when everything is put in order is sort of empowering:)

  2. The last time I added any words to my wip? Three weeks ago. But am about to enter 'Graduation Hell' again, as we get the daughter shined up to receive her diploma. When family stuff can no longer be shoved off 'til I'm done', then taking a breather is A-OK:)

  3. That sounds like an excellent plan--though I'll miss seeing your words. :)

  4. I don't agree with the write every day even if you don't feel like it thing. That's crap ad if you want to write the same book over and over, that's what in theory you will get. And yeah, take time out for you. Writing is not and never will be the be all and end all and it scares me that some people think it is

  5. I can't plow through everything. My writing stops when my personal life is crazy.

  6. When I force myself to write when I know my heart or muse isn't into it, I end up deleting the drivel I wasted time writing!