Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mattress Tales

After twenty-five years, we bought a new mattress and box springs. Our old bed had gone from comfortably broken in to pitifully sagging. The thing is, we were used to the swaybacked, lumpy mattress. We both knew exactly where to position our bodies for the best chance to sleep.

And then we replaced the bed.

The hunk and I are built on generous lines so we bought a firm mattress. Well. I can attest that it's definitely FIRM. The bed is also about six inches. My feet don't touch the floor now when I sit on the side.

In the past, we had a memory foam topper (three inches thick). When we add that, I'll need a ladder to get in bed.

The upside? It no longer resembles sleeping on a bowl of Jello. I used to wake every time the hunk rolled over. Nope. This bed is like a rock. I'm pretty sure it would stand firm even in an earthquake, though I don't want to test that.

There's nothing like a firm foundation in your retirement...



  1. Actually, I got into my bed last night and sunk down into it - I like it soft and Princess and the pea-like - and I said 'I love this bed'. I then thought of all the people who don't have beds(sleeping rough) and how lucky I am

  2. Funny. I wouldn't want to sleep on jello but I need a soft mattress. Anything hard does a number on my back.