Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blast of Hope

Like many others across the world, I watched the TV coverage of the bomb blasts in Boston. There was chaos, crying, anguish, and confusion. But I saw something else. In the midst of death and destruction, I saw hope and kindness.

Have you ever noticed? In every disaster, we come together. We--the human race--put aside our differences and rush to help. We drop what we're doing and find ways to assist those in need, whether it's directions to a safe place, or rendering aid to the wounded.

That's the miracle I witnessed. People helping people. People comforting people. People mourning loss and rejoicing for those who were safe. As long as we show compassion and love in the face of terror, there is hope.



  1. If only people could carry that on in their daily lives and not only when disasters happen...but yes it was nice to see.

  2. Yes. But Amber, people are brave and generous in real life-- it's just that it's not such a public spectacle. This was so horrible and yet I was so proud of the people who ran to help, not stopping for one second to think about their own safety.