Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Like me! Like me!

Sigh. I'm gonna climb out on a limb all by myself and talk about something that bugs me--'liking' folks on Facebook.


We're not back in high school, desperately hoping to be one of the popular clique. Really. The person with the most 'likes' or 'friends' does not win anything. They don't sell more of their products, whatever those might be. And frankly, I don't care how many friends I have myself, let alone worrying about how many someone else has.

In general, if someone asks to be a friend, I accommodate them. If they want to like my author page, that's great! But I don't request strangers to be my friends. And I only 'like' pages/individuals who have some meaning or interest for me. That might not be every Susie, Opal, and Junie.

The reality is most folks can't manage to keep up with more than about thirty people on a day-by-day basis. All the rest of the friends and likes sort of fall by the wayside. Come now, honesty here. How many people do you really keep in touch with on a daily basis? Weekly? Yearly?

For the most part, I think we're all surrendering to the mass manipulation of corporate interests. And I find, I'd rather not. I choose to use Facebook, rather than let Facebook use me. I choose to go where I want, like who I want to like, friend who I wish.

That's who I am...a rebel.



  1. Thanks, Anny. ICAM. I cannot stand the like me thing.

    1. Doesn't the whole thing remind you of juvenile cheerleading?

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  3. Never agreed with being told to 'like' someone especially author pages. Have I read what you wrote? No? But you want 5000 likes and you're 1000 off that and you're telling people to like you and I should because I write some? Can you spell desperate and pathetic?

    Of late, I have, as a wise author (Anny Cook)does, been de-friending people who mean an zip to me. Yes, my virtual friend total is getting lower and I'm ok with that. Like you, I choose to choose who I like and not be manipulated by the system