Sunday, April 28, 2013


With great reluctance, I've changed my blog settings to require commenters to provide an ID and word verification. I despise WV. But I also despise the spammers who are regularly hitting my blog. So. There you have it.

If you can't identify yourself, you can't comment.

I admit some of the comments are amusing in their obscurity. And some are just weird. Of course, in the past I've received comments that were pretty strange.

When I post the blog on Facebook, folks don't even comment, mostly taking the fast way out with a 'Like'. I wonder what would happen if Facebook had a 'Dislike' button?

Anyway...Almost all comments are welcome.



  1. No, you're right. We need a like or dislike button. It fascinates me the number of blog hits I get but no comments. But in saying that, a lot of people have no balls to actually make a statement and comment.