Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday This and That

So I have some new names from my spammers... Glidewell Allman, Dorkas Lochtkemper, Hannele Kirbach, Armina Brandstaedter, Malenka Barth, Marcelino London, Irmine Berlinsky, Emilio Funk... So what do you think? Are any of them the next hunky hero or spunky heroine? Toss your vote out there if one of the names strikes your fancy. If not, I'm sure I'll have a new crop in a few days.

We're in for an ice storm today. That would be after the snowstorm. And then when it's all finished there will be a rainstorm. Something for everyone that way. At least we'll be receiving precipitation and that's definitely needed in our neck of the woods. Except for travel difficulties, it's all good.

I've been writing pretty steadily for the last few days, aching back and stinging finger not withstanding. Mostly, I'm working on Bishop's book so all of the nagging, nagging can cease.

The dragon, tiger, alien story... well, I just don't know. Don't want anyone to think I have a fetish for dragons or menages or any of that other kinky stuff. Maybe it should have been a vampire, faery, unicorn story. Nope. Then someone would detect a faery fetish. Ummm. I haven't done an elf. Maybe an elf. Have to think about that. In the meantime when I finish Bishop's story, I'll head off in the the angel/shifter territory with the second book about the Jericho family. Cage's story.

Tonight between 7PM and 10PM we'll be having a chat on the Ellora's Cave Chat loop. Drop by and visit with us while we kid around and post some excerpts.

If you're interested in winning a free book, check out the second page at my website--Bio Page--scroll down until you find the Contest Box. There are rules and clues and everything you need to know to submit an entry.

Until tomorrow!


Drop by Kelly's place for another episode in her travels at and then hop over to Amarinda's Place where she's discuss blue tongued lizards at Blessings on your day!


  1. I prefer to think of it as self interest when it comes to Bishop as opposed to nagging...Kelly and I love that man

  2. How bout Armina London? Combining a few.

    Yes, Bishop's story is a must. It doesn't make it nagging it makes it fact. We are looking out for your best financial interests. If you write Bishop, you will ROLL in the dough.

  3. The spammers I've gotten lately are all using variations of my email name. Sigh...

    I'll stop by for a bit and see you tonight.

  4. Hi Anny

    Glad you are writing again, in spite of th bad back and finger. I can't wait to meet Bishop.

  5. Bishop is a rebel, Mona. You'll like him.

    Brynn, some of my spammers do that too. Mostly, they've been more creative than that. Please do stop by and post!

    Amarinda and Kelly--It's coming!

  6. Hope your finger and bck feel better soon - remember to rest.

    Also, I have to thank you profusely! I completely forgot I hadn't been taking my vitamin D. And Brynn went shopping this morning and grabbed that sun lamp from Sam's - thanks so much for the suggestions!!

  7. Ahhh. Excellent. Us snow bunnies have to stick together! Glad to be of help!

  8. Just read Cherished Destinies, and can't wait for Bishop!

  9. Out of the spammers' names for today, the only two that I sort of like are: Malenka Barth, Marcelino London

    Good luck in the ice storm. Hope you stay warm and safe.