Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pryderi the Precious, Part Five

Early the next morning, Pryderi stirred restlessly in the soft cozy nest that Pennim had provided for her and Taranis the night before. Their quarters were spacious enough for Pennim's cool bed of jewels in one corner and the deep round nest of fluffy feather mattresses in the other corner for Taranis and Pryderi. Eating and bathing facilities took up the rest of the space.

Pryderi had wallowed in the deep bath filled with water that Pennim heated with one hot breath. The luxury of a hot bath was something so new to her, Taranis was hard pressed to get her to leave the tub. Finally, wrinkled from soaking in the perfumed water, Pryderi consented to climb out of the tub. Taranis wrapped her in a soft bath sheet and deposited her in their nest while he took his own bath.

To no one's surprise, Pryderi was fast asleep when he returned. Taranis took the opportunity to have a man-to-man talk with Pennim. "What did you think you were doing, Pen? You've bound yourself to humans!"

"Indeed? Is it sure you are of that?" Pennim rumbled.

Taranis stared at the dragon in puzzlement. "What are you saying?"

"The Precious is a morpher, my friend. She is a dragon morpher." Pennim sat back on his haunches, curling his long tail around his legs. "The only way to protect her was by claiming her before she changes. Once you consummate your vows, she will be subject to the change. And the law among the dragons is the first male to capture her is her mate."

"Unless she already has one." Taranis curled up against Pennim's belly and sighed. "She doesn't know?"

"No. I read her when she touched us the first time when we rescued her. She's an orphan and knows nothing of her parentage. Taranis, I would take nothing from you. Surely you know this?" Pennim willed his friend to understand.

Yawning, Taranis nodded, rubbing his head against Pennim's golden scales. "I know, Pen. Thank you for honoring us with your vow. We should ask if she will willingly bind herself to you. It would be best, wouldn't it?"

"In the morning we will talk to her. For now, I believe that your mate would take comfort in your presence."

Taranis went over to the nest and wearily crawled in with Pryderi. She roused briefly and then curled together, they slept while Pennim kept watch through the wee hours, grateful that his need for rest was not as great as theirs.

Dawn with the reckoning would come soon enough.

To be continued...


Today is my father's birthday. He's 78 years old. May he have quite a few more!

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  1. Happy Birthday Anny's Dad

    You are fixated on dragons...what are you trying to tell us???

  2. Yes. Happy Birthday Anny's dad. I see the dragon theme too, but am wondering if it's more of a menage fixation??

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Anny. May you see him always healthy.

  4. I love the story, Anny.
    Happy Birthday to your dad.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad. I'm so excited that I get to visit my dad this summer, when I go to Cincinnati and also get to attend Lori Foster's readers and writers' event at the same time.

  6. You're such a great world builder. I love how you pull all the pieces together and drop them on us so smoothly.